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  1. suga1624

    suga1624 Well-known Member

    finally got on!!
    wat a day!! aww my boy made me so proud

    congrats to everybody else, and i wish i could say the bow was on purpose, but im guessing he was swatting a fly?? haha

    we came home with 7 blue ribbons and champion hunter, and champion hack!!!!!! very veryyy happy :)

    thanks to mum and thanks to the judge. also thanks my friends and it was great meeting some stockies :)

    anyway.. mum took photos ill put up a few..

    Julie and her gorgeous pony

    Me and link working out
    Not enough neck space :)

    Mum took a fair few, if Y.Horsemans wants to email her or me for them.
  2. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    awwwww look at him with the ribbons on!!!

    you make a fantastic pair and deserved every ribbon!!!

    and the same with everyone else!!!
  3. suga1624

    suga1624 Well-known Member

    thanks a lot DB. he was a good boy.. so relaxed compared to usual which was great. well done to you too!!

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