York Horsemans... results?

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    hahaha good to know im being missed!! haha

    okkkkk all day i got 1st ribbons and two 2nds.. aand champion hack =]
    was veeeeeery please with my boy coz i only rode him at last york horsemans aaaand the night of stars!! haha =] i love him too much =]
    anyway.. and at the end of the day won the supreme champion unofficial hack ribbon for the year!! =]
    so pleased!! thanks to everybody who helped me all year and well done to all those who were at York for these shows =]

    oh and thanks to the people who said they love my horses face and eyes =] i love them too thanks =]

    heres one at the end of the day in hunter uniform when he started being naughty haha
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    This thread is for RESULTS
    Please keep all other comments OFF the forum!!!

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