York Championship Results 13 Aug

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  1. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Only one small hunter pony there - Brayside Butterscotch. Grace had her working very nicely too :)
  2. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    The Results I know of, off the top of my head (apologies in advance if they are wrong).

    Champion: Redline Sensation
    Reserve: Nil

    Champion: Moretto
    Reserve: Absolut

    SUPREME HUNTER HACK: Redline Sensation

    Champion: Gordon Park Supanova
    Reserve: Bevanlee Hocus Pocus

    Champion: Monument Park Sahara
    Reserve: Kolbeach Renaissance

    SUPREME SHOW HACK: Monument Park Sahara

    Champion Senior Rider: Brittany Reside
    Reserve Senior Rider: Ingrid Christmass

    Champion Junior Rider: Jayde Lister
    Reserve Junior Rider: Sophie Williams

    LEAD REIN: Harrington Park Carousel

    Small: Brayside Butterscotch
    Large: Spring Valley Solitaire
    Reserve: Calwalla Neon

    SUPREME HUNTER PONY - Spring Valley Solitaire

    Small - Harrington Park Carousel
    Reserve - Wendamar Narnia
    Large - Brayside Heavenly Vision
    Reserve - Glomax Jazzman

    SUPREME SHOW PONY - Brayside Heavenly Vison

    I'll try and fill in the blanks. Sorry if any are wrong.
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  3. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    Encouragement Ring Results:-

    Champion: Fairy Floss & Suzette Davis
    Reserve: Eternally Lucky & Peta Bizzill

    Champion: Romeo & Suzy Mason
    Reserve: Orion & Sally Reid

    Champion: Rosedale Easter Parade & Teisha Giddings
    Reserve: Sheldene Zantor & Julie Malley

    Champion: DVZ Tarrantella & Julie Howe

    SUPREME: Rosedale Easter Parade

    Champion Senior Rider: Julie Howe
    Reserve Senior Rider: Suzy Mason

    Champion WT Rider: Suzette Davis
    Reserve WT Rider: Jess Bambrick

    Champion Junior Rider: Teisha Gidding
    Reserve Junior Rider: Katie Humphries

    Champion WT Pony: Tarragon Park Jamaica

    Champion Lead Rein Pony: Tigger & Lara Schmidt

    Champion Show Hunter Pony:Nazruler & Megan Reed
    Reserve Show Hunter Pony: Judaroo Sam & Bella Smith

    Champion Show Pony: Cariad Park Copyright & Kate Humphries

    Supreme Encouragement Pony: Cariad Park Copyright.
  4. spok

    spok New Member

    A very special thanks to Ian Parker for getting my car started for me:)*
  5. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    Well, we made the big long drive to compete and glad we did. It was a lovely day, the sun was out and had good friends as company.
    Malory rode in the open official ring, only her 4th time out after coming off lead-rein and she did well. She is improving and learning each time. Narnia and herself won 3 x 1sts and 1 x 2nd place and came home with the Reserve Champion Small Show Pony.:D
    The highlight for me was when they were cantering on the ring and the judge asked for a simple change and i thought "oh Oh" Malory wont know what to do......
    and buggar me she did it correct. I was so proud, that actually made my day.:)
  6. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    She did an AWESOME job... :)

    Just letting people know the Encouragement Ring Photos are up on the Photographers Site.
  7. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    Oh, i also need to Thank Hotel Dollar for the warm bed and shower Saturday night. LOL
    Its nice to catch up again even if the Baileys was abit thin.:p
  8. WheatbeltNic

    WheatbeltNic Active Member

    Official ring photo's are up now.

    Gosh he's a fantastic photographer.

    OBHH my daughter wants a picture of your "princess pony", do you mind if we buy one?
  9. Cassy Horse

    Cassy Horse Well-known Member

    After having a look at the photos I've fallen in love with that brown pony with the drop noseband :D
  10. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    What gorgeous pictures of everyone there!!!

    im pretty pleased with mine lol my posture has improved heaps!!! LOL
  11. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    There were definitely some lovely photos taken :)

    I want to know if Rob got any of me on "my" pony though :D
  12. suga1624

    suga1624 Well-known Member

    awwwww i thought it was next weekend! dammit lol
  13. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    I took out a roo on the way there, squashed flat after arguing with four tyres. Lets not mention front of the car and the float mudguard....

    Thank goodness Petabizz was behind me to drag it off the road - ewwww I am not touching it - my point being, don't leave too early, wait till the buggrs are having a morning snoozle!!
  14. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Thanks NG will do :)
  15. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    LOL, Yes not a problem. I will tell Narnia , she is a superstar, im sure it will make her more toffee nosed than she already is.:p
    And Yes Rob is a great photographer. I just placed my order with him tonight. Have got a HUGE enlargement coming.:)
  16. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    LOL:p:p:p LOL haha
  17. Hayley

    Hayley Well-known Member

    Can someone please pm me photographers details
  18. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    sent you the webpage :)

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