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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Beauvelour, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    soooo....how did Harrys first show go??? I hope all is well?!
  2. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    bumpy bump
  3. CJR

    CJR Well-known Member

    Ooh! Yes I'm dying to know as well!!

    And we need pics! **)
  4. Showie

    Showie Active Member

    Aww thanks girls...

    He wone Champion Led Exhibit!!!
    who would have thought my scrawny three year old would win a breed class yet alone a champion ha ha..
    And even better than winning he was a very good boy in his hack classes yesterday and didnt chuck any spaz's.
    He is still so green and has a long way to go but I think in a couple of years time Im going to be having some real fun with him.

    And more good news my sisters horse finally wone a champion hack! and a rug, he was hard work all day for her but came good in the end.

    I have some pics but need to upload them - takes me a while to work it out ha ha..
  5. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    YAY!!! WELL DONE!!! :)
    Awesome for your sister too.

    What a great day!
  6. CJR

    CJR Well-known Member

    Wow! Champion Led! Fantastic, well done, I am dying for photos now, I bet he's looking super.

    We need "before" and 'after" pics I think too.. Well done!!

    Big congrats to your sister, what a great day you both had.. Love winning rugs :p :D

  7. Showie

    Showie Active Member

    Thanks girls.

    I will definatley try and work out the picture thing tonight.

    He is looking good but not great, has a triangle bum that drives me mad and his coat still isnt properly through.
    The judge told me she liked is temperament and movement and that if he were stallion shed breed from him so I took that as a huge compliment.

    My god he is hard work to plait up - just cant stand still ha ha.. But compared to my TB he seems to just cope alot better. Even my sisters TB who is 8 was crazier than Harry at 3.

    Both very tired boys this morning :)
  8. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    Oh yayayay!!! Haha Congratulations!!! I think you have a very very nice horsey there!!! (hopefully he wont get over 16hhs so we dont have to compete against him hahaha jjs) Thats great A, welldone.
    Congrats to Smirk and S!!! They do look great together!! (don't tell her i said that tho!!)
  9. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    on the plus side tho if he does make 16hhs i just might have to steal him lolol
  10. Showie

    Showie Active Member

    Well finally Ive gotten around to attempting some pics :)

    Harry is the chestnut. The grey is my sisters hack and the boxer is my brothers dog Zoe.
    Oh yeah the bloke is my brother :)

    Hope this all works, fingers crossed.....

    Oh yeah the real scruffy one is his first day in - just a before shot.
    Hes only been in work four months now.
  11. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    A He looks awesome he really reall does!!! Its so rewarding bringing on a young horse! well done! Are you hacking him at the next show in sept?
  12. Showie

    Showie Active Member

    Thanks mate!
    Yeah he will be going to everything now for the rest of the year.
    Little bugger chucked in some bucks coming up off the beach this morning so the weekend didnt knock him around to much ha ha...
    Do you reckon your Harry will be out and about soon?
  13. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    Just been on the phone to E and she thinks i should take him to the show, honestly he is starting to look really good! I was gonna ride deek but i think i should take harry just to get him out....after the last performance at the show, we need to get through that!! Though i think that i was overfeeding him a bit.

    At least your Harry doesnt rear!!! The last horse i had went over backwards, thats why my Harry scared me so much at the last show. DO we have a training day before the sept show?
  14. Showie

    Showie Active Member

    Thats great news!
    I was saying last night that being off work he should be starting to pack the weight on. Every cloud has a silver lining....
    Not sure about any training days before but there might be.
    I was thinking of going out to the showjumping day this weekend just for a look.
  15. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    yeah me too but we have an egagement party the night before. I was thinking of taking harry for an outing but ryans car isnt playing nice. Going to ring H and get Harrys papers and register him! Do you think he could comepete for Great southern hack of the year, when he is educated a bit more?
  16. Showie

    Showie Active Member

    Anyone can go for it - its just about having enough points.
    Im giving it a miss this year, after four years doing it with Will a year off wont hurt ha ha...
    Plus you dont need to be registered, in the past you just needed to be a memer of the hack council to win the rug and I was never that successful so it didnt matter :)

    Oh and by the way - your horse is more than nice enough. Get out there and give it a go :)
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2008
  17. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    oh when i was talking to E she said you have to be registered with SHC? I thought you and Will took it out several times? Yeah Harry isnt ready this year lol. You should have a ride on him?? ( i am biased tho lol) I cant wait to do a dressage test on him. So whats harrys career going to be? Hacking and dressage?
  18. Showie

    Showie Active Member

    Ha ha... I wish I was good enough to take it out! Nice horses at that show.
    Nah best we ever got was runner up and Ive never been SHC registered but will be with Harry.
    Id love to have a ride one day - we can swap Harrys :)
    Im definately going to be aiming for more advanced level dressage than with Will and would like to bring him out as a newcomer hunter next year.
    Thats the plan anyway.
  19. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    awww kool! Ha ha that sounds good...swapping Harrys lol. Yeah i buggered up my chance of going to newcomers but competing harry at the first april show. but oh well i am only new to this hacking stuff lol. My aim at the moment is to keep him calm and work on those leads! (and be seedy toe free!!!)
  20. Tyne

    Tyne Well-known Member

    I just found this one!!
    A- Harry looks so so so good!!! will make a super show horse :D Good job!!! Cant wait to see some more ridden pics hint hint hehe!!!
    chat to ya soon xx

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