Yimar Rugs.. any comments??

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by bscards, May 24, 2010.

  1. sherreem

    sherreem Well-known Member

    found the ymar a size too small but apart from that is a good rug and good service from the seller. also have heaps of axiom and love them too.

    pm arylin on here as she has heaps of sprintwells for sale, great rugs. all heavily discounted and no postage if you pick up from her or she is always out and about and might be able to drop it off.
  2. Double Helix

    Double Helix Well-known Member

    I have a Yimar 6' 6" combo with polar fleece lining that is not bad quality (1680D I think) but the neck is too short and it is a little tight across the chest and tends to move sideways. My horse is only just a 6'6" and can fit into a 6'3" in some brands, so I think they are on the smaller side. The belly straps would come undone sometimes when he rolled too.

    I have an Axiom combo rug (1800D and 180g fill I think), which I really like and it has lasted a couple of seasons now, although he only has it on at night in his yard.

    I have just bought a another brand off the auction site called Comfort paddock rugs and am really happy with this! It was $60 plus postage for a synthetic 1680D no fill combo. The neck is a good fit (not too short) and the rug has a reasonable drop to it.
  3. cleo

    cleo Well-known Member

    I found the sizing of the Yimars a bit on the small side as others have mentioned.

    I will stick with the Axioms.**)
  4. sil

    sil Gold Member

    I have Axioms now for the 2nd season and they have worn reasonably well. I find them short in the neck but we have Saddlebreds and it's hard to find any rug long enough in the neck! We have 600 deniers and they are very easy to rip. Out of 10 rugs 3 have been shredded and 2 damaged in low-shred environments used daily/evenings. There was a bit of sun fading (on burgundy rugs) but still waterproof in the heaviest rains.

    I have to buy some more rugs but will spring for 1200s as the 600d fleet wears out.
  5. Sam & Max

    Sam & Max Well-known Member

    Cannot fault the Axiom rugs....Ive been using mine for 2 winters now and still perfect....Great fit....My mate got a waterproof yimar and has had to put waterproof spray on it!.....I'll only buy axioms :D
  6. windmill

    windmill New Member

    Glad a few of you mentioned they were on the small size - stumbled across the site this morning and was going to order the 7'0ft - lucky I didn't!

    Thread stealing here but if anyone knows rugs that tend to be on the BIG side let me know - my boy only squeezes into most 7'0ft brands or sometimes I find a good fit but not a very long drop - so it's like a cocktail wear 7'0ft lol

    someone mentioned a long time ago where I can get 7'3ft... do you think I can remember now he's filled out :confused:
  7. Double Helix

    Double Helix Well-known Member

    The COMFORT Paddock rugs on "evil bay" seem a generous size with a good drop, not sure what size they go up to.

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