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  1. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member


    I was sucked in to buying some of this today.

    Apparently it's a yeast or something?
    Is fantastic for horses insides/coat blah blah
    and it does this and that and you only have to feed a little bit.
    And he guarranteed that my fussy eater would eat it etc etc.

    So amazingly she will eat it straight outa my hand!

    But what is it? Is it really that great for them?
    Does anyone feed it?

    Thanks ;)
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  2. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Just found this from another stockies thread

    It consists of a particular strain of live yeast which are metabolically active and secrete short chain lipids and peptides to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria. Yea-Sacc is invaluable in helping the hindgut remain stable in terms... of microflora balance, and it supports the kind of low acidity environment that is conducive to comfortable, slow fibre digestion.

    It also supports a healthy population of the bacteria that consume lactic acid, helping to avoid the gut acid swings that can cause so much trouble in the feet. Yea-Sacc is therefore recommended for all elderly and laminitic horses, and can safely be fed longterm.

    It is important to distinguish this product from lactic acid producing bacteria, sometimes referred to as Probiotics, which increase acidity within the gut, which is not to be recommended.
  3. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    Did budget stockfeeds persuade you to buy it? :)

    I was also convinced not long ago, tried, didnt see a difference so changed back to my normal additives...dont fix what aint broke is my motto.
  4. whitepantheress

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    uhhh...probiotics are for beneficial gut bacteria, yeast is a totally different organism. Probiotics are invaluable where the gut is out of balance.

    Maybe this sup is similar to brewers' yeast??
  5. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Here is something from the company that makes it.
    Alltech UK - Yea-Sacc

    But there is plenty of info if you google, along with those papers and tests they write about.

    I have used it, and have just started my boy back on it. Will be interesting to see how he goes since he's on a new diet now. It's cheap and you don't feed bucketloads, so it works out well, and worth a go.

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