Yellow Crusty Substance on Blaze and foot

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by JessSundo, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. JessSundo

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    Hi Just rescued an old welsh pony (20+) and she's got a yellow scabby substance on her blaze her face also seems to have alot of old scar tissue not sure if its to do with this skin problem or not and 1 foot it seems to be only on her white patches we've had the vet out and wormed and drenched her, had her feet & Teeth done. But the vet couldn't really shed any light on what this stuff was it seems quite sore if we touch the area. Other than that for her age shes in good nick I know that she founders very easily and may be starting to show early signs of cushings disease.
  2. EVP

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    Can't believe that the vet had no idea? Anyway a yellowish ooze (serus ooze) normally comes as a result of mites, ticks or some other skin irritation.....dematitis from grass or crawlies. I suggest something like Filtabac applied liberally for a week or so and see if that improves. If not you can either get the vet back or get another vet who might know a bit more?
    They would most likely go to a cortisone based cream that you could also use WITH the Filtabac.

    But I'm not a vet.....I'm dumb.
  3. Elanda

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    **) could be ^ or even photosensitivity that has become infected:(

    but I am not a vet either...and if I was the OP I would be finding another vet**)
  4. Anna E

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    Skin lesions with no obvious wound and confined to the white skin only are probably down to sunburn.. either primary sunburn (but that is unlikely on a foot) or secondary to photosensitisation.
    This can be the result of a primary toxin such as that found in St John's Wort, or secondary to liver disease.
    Where has she lived? What is her likely exposure to Patterson's Curse?
    I'd be getting another opinion... and testing her liver function (blood test). She probably needs antibiotics, and to be kept out of the sun until it clears up (or rigged up with a sunshade for her face).
    what happens after that depends if it is a primary toxin (which will resolve itself with time) or secondary (which will mean her liver is damaged, and she is likely to have onging issues).
  5. JessSundo

    JessSundo New Member

    Just l googled photosensitivity and sounds like it as the hair is still continuing to grow through the scabs so I'm going to stable her and get her a fly mask to protect her face. Not sure why her foot has the same stuff and why only the white on other 3 are brown haired and are fine???? but I'll get the vet back and do some tests to make sure the vet did say she was going to look up this pony's files and get some history so don't crucify her yet. Thank you all for your help... She's such a lovely old girl sad that when they get older people don't care for them as well as they should.
  6. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Dark skin provides more protection from the sun, white skin does no thave the pigment to protect it. Photosensitivity can be caused through clovers and other plants. It can also be a sign of liver disease:(

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