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  1. Jessie_13

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    Who feeds yeast to their horses...Why do you feed it? How much? Does it work?!

    And is brewer's yeast the same as things like yea sac??
  2. Cornflower

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    This is the company that makes yea sacc
    Alltech UK - Yea-Sacc
    There are plenty of research papers around if you google. You can get it in tubs from Bio John.

    I have fed this in the past, noticed some difference in manure and pot belly, but then it just didn't seem to do anything. But haven't fed it in a while and have noticed no difference. But my horse is now on a different diet. So i can't be sure exactly, but maybe the diet wasn't working for him, and no matter what i fed, he wouldn't really respond.
    Would be interested though to try again now.

    And this is quite good info on brewer's yeast.
    Brewer's yeast

    To be honest, i'm not sure what the difference is.
    I'm guessing it's got to do with different strains.

    This is from Wiki.
    Yeast - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Scroll down to 'beer' for brewer's yeast.
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  3. weezal

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    I fed brewers yeast and it was a waste of money. Half of it is still in my feed shed. I can't compare it to yea-sacc but can to protexin and the brewers yeast did nothing the protexin did wonders. Also if you want to feed it as a B vitamin supplement the B vitamin levels are so low it's pretty much pointless.
  4. karriel

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    Some places sell the Yea-Sacc as brewers yeast, just ask which product you are buying if your not sure because they are not always clearly labeled...

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