Yearly checkups?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Late Starter, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Late Starter

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    Reading a book at the moment and it mentions having a yearly checkup for your horse/pony. I have a yearly checkup for myself and also for my dog but hadn't actually thought of doing it for our pony.

    How many of you have your horses/ponies checked annually by the vet whether they are actually sick/have any obvious probelems or not? For those that do - what time of the year do you have it done, what does the vet check for and do you have any vaccinations i.e. tetanus done at the same time?
  2. Roe

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    My horses get drenched yearly and that is basicly there yearly check up/visit to the vet. I give all vacinations my self so no need to see the vet for that.
  3. Talullah

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    My horse hasn't seen a vet in a long while, last time he saw one was when I was actually working with one, so that was 8 years ago. Anything minor I can do myself, and injections I do myself also.

    *Touchwood* he's in pretty good shape......
  4. Cruising

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    Same here.
    I usually get their teeth done by a vet that has power tools, plus drench and vacc so that is basically a check up, as the vet checks their heart before giving seds and gives them the once over.

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