YEA SAC- does it work with windsuckers

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by horselover97, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. horselover97

    horselover97 New Member

    hey guys
    so i need some advice on yea sac!
    does it help with reducing wind sucking, as my horse has recently started in the paddock wen he never used to, so i want him to stop asap
    wondering did it work with you guys? how much is it and how long would a bag last?
    thanks :)
  2. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    I tried this a while back after being convinced it was a wonder product....but im not convinced so dont use it anymore. I wasnt using it for a windsucker but my horse is a chronic wood chewer and it did nothing for this, although i didnt buy it for that reason and reduction in windsucking was not one of the plus's i heard of the product.
  3. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Instead of trying to stop it, you need to get to the cause. If he's never done it before, then you need to find out why it started.
    Change of feed?

    Something's changed.

    Even look into possible ulcers or digestive issues as a whole.
  4. Painted

    Painted Active Member

    I agree with cornflower.
    I have used it on my horses (TB's racing and arab doing endurance) and seen them more energetic and healthier looking.

    This is some information of the Alltech website:

    Yea-Sacc stimulates growth of fibre digesting bacteria in the rumen, thereby increasing feed efficiency and the rate and extent of forage breakdown. This helps to reduce the energy gap and loss of body weight that can occur with beef cattle and in early lactation of Dairy cattle often leading to lower fertility rates.

    Yea-Sacc1026 is a live yeast culture based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain 1026, a yeast strain specifically selected for its influence on animal performance. With a low inclusion rate and a large body of research clarifying its mode of action and performance responses it is ideal for beef dairy sheep and equine.

    Yea-Sacc accelerates the digestion of feed and forage through the rumen:
    - Improving the cows appetite
    - Increasing dry matter intake
    - Allowing for better forage feeding value

    Yea-Sacc is a more concentrated form of live yeast that resists high pelleting temperatures of up to 80?C.

    For use in: Dairy, beef, equine, pigs, sheep, water buffalo.

    Usage: Consult your local Alltech representative.

    Patents/approvals: Yea-Sacc performance results are scientifically proven. In fact, of the 71 peer reviewed, published papers, published in Journal of Dairy Science, Animal Feed Science Technology and Journal of Animal Science on the mode of action of yeast cultures, 42% were done on Yea-Sacc.
  5. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    It could be a huge coincidence.
    But Bess was a very fussy eater and didn't have a very big appetite.
    I had to cut her back to 1 hard feed a day as I just wasn't able to get out twice a day.

    The only thing I added to her feed was Yea sacc.
    She's SO fat (the fattest she has ever been) and yet is on so much less feed then normal? She has a good healthy appetite and now licks her bowl clean instead of sifting through and just eating what she wants.

    She is also a fair bit energetic, she's very forwards moving (but not hot).

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