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  1. Roleysgirl

    Roleysgirl Active Member

    Just wondering how much it would cost to get leg xrays to suss out soundness issues??

    thanks in advance
  2. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    Your probably best to call your vet.
    I did get prices the other week to xray legs and from very rough memory there was an approx. $100 radiography fee then i think each xray was about $75.
  3. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    Well I just paid $220 for a series of xrays that covered front hooves, both knees and both hocks at different angles. that was just for the xrays not including consult and pentasan
  4. SCNHP

    SCNHP New Member

    I'm in NSW but the vet clinic I work at charges the following:

    Consult @ clinic - $77
    1st x-ray plate - $77
    Repeat x-ray plates - $44 ea.
    This of course does not include any sedatives or other drugs.

    I remember about 6 years ago I had a 4 x-rays done on a horse, no sedative or anything else. This was done in a coastal area and even back then it cost me $500. It will depend on where you are and how many vet clinics are in the area, part of it comes down to supply and demand. It will also depend on the quality of the x-ray machine and how clear a picture that machine is able to produce. It would be a good idea to ring around and ask for prices (if there is more than 1 clinic near you) and to ask how clear the pictures are that their xray can produce as this will play a huge part in giving you a clear diagnosis. If there is an equine specialist at one of the clinics then I would go with that one even if it is a bit more expensive as you will be outlaying decent $$$ you would probably be better off getting a more specialised opinion.

    Good luck :)
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  5. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    I paid $66 for the consult and then $145 for 6 xrays of one hock this included sedation
  6. pugjoey

    pugjoey New Member

    Our equine clinic charges 200 dollars for xrays and this gives you 4 shots.
    If you need a full lameness work up done then this will cost a lot more but if you know what you want xrayed then not including any sedation,drugs then that is all it will cost...
  7. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    guessing your talking about ascot pugjoey.

    They are the cheapest for x-rays in my experience and the best IMO for soundness issues.

    I got my mares pre purchase x-rays done there, and I was sooo surprised at how cheap it was!! Got both front fetlocks x-rayed 2 shots of each I think, and it was well under $200, but this was 18 months ago.

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