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  1. leah

    leah Well-known Member

    Does anyone feed this feed?? we have been feeding it to Dougal, I can only really describe it as Red bull covered jelly beans..............it seems to have a lot of go fast type food involved.......... but Dougal is goin well on it.
  2. jacko88

    jacko88 Well-known Member

    Have used it for the sprinter. Good go fast gear!
    Only going from memory but I don't think its that much different to sustaina, but with more oil.
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  3. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Well, considering Mitavite Xlr8 is a complete feed for Racehorses, your boy should have plenty of energy!!:D

    Perhaps consider going to a feed more suited to pleasure horses.........:))
  4. leah

    leah Well-known Member

    Dougal is definatly more along the performace horse lines........worked hard 6 days a week............especially at the moment with summer series comming up.Loossy gets silly on the sniff of Dougals lollies!!!!!!!LOL
  5. amber sunday

    amber sunday Well-known Member

    our pacers are fed on it :)

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