X ray Hooves and $?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by kathera, Jan 21, 2010.

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    So sorry to hear all of that, take care :(
  2. Jonty3

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    Yes sorry to hear....

    We will find something for you when you are ready again!
  3. kathera

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    Thanks all.
  4. Cornflower

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    Just saw this. Sorry to hear about your boy. But at least he sounds like he's got a good home to go to, to live out the rest of his life.
  5. kathera

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    Thanks Corny!
    I would like to get the xrays up so people who havent seen the inside of lamitis / rotation / dropped etc could have a look. Apparently it is one of the "best" cases.

    It seems i dont have a program on my computer that can read the files so will see how i can get to it - if anyone has any ideas let me know, i should be able to email the files and someone else can post?

    Its sad a cant continue with him as he was teaching me heaps, such a gentleman but ah well - Sht happens! is all i can come up with

    Not knowing founder before, i have learnt alot and found it interesting as well though. Havent posted much - Ive seen Rayes battering and dont need that! people can prob work out from my other posts on girthyness and magnetic rugs, that i was prob looking in the wrong places, for a few weeks, however we all learn all the time and earlier detection would make know difference. his age and size it is really just mechanical / wear and tear that has caused and an abcess growing out which came up in the coronet nearly 12 months has not helped, damaging the laminae (think that the correct word! you know what i mean).
    He is not completely lame, just short stepping on off fore (bad foot is near fore obviously) and what through me was why on the last two shoeings he went more lame afterwards. Previously lameness after riding i would put to muscle soreness and give time off

    I pretty much knew that when he was shod on Mon and was a bit sore that night, then i went away for work, came back thurs and he was short stepping, something was definately wrong in hoof, and the vet trip the next day was not going to be a good new story..

    Farrier told me 3 months ago I was going to see lameness issues soon, but i really hoped he was wrong! turned out he was spot on with his diagnosis, but when you hear bad news you obviously try to find a better story elsewhere! Damn it!! I hate it when men are absolutely right! .. .I told you so... Nah he will be disappointed to that it went sour so quickly too.

    So anyway theres the story for Dom

    "post quick reply" ha ha not this one, more monolith! getting good at this hey JOnty - should write book!
  6. Jonty3

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    Lets see if we can get someone to help out with posting the x rays up so we can have a look and chat....

    Lets come up with the heading and then write the book! because we have the ending....!
  7. Talkingshell

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    I am sorry that this has come to this....just like my big fella (PTS)

    Writing a book does helps to put an enclosure to why it happened. Take care....
  8. pso

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    cant you open the files in office picture editor? or whatever program you use to view photos on your computer?

    otherwise- I can put them up for you if you cant work it out ;)
  9. kathera

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    just PM'ed you :)

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