Wow, I knew the market was bad, but...!

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Anna E, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. sunline

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    its not just thoroughbreds, the standardbreds have a big role here as well (and I know it doesnt apply here, but greyhounds too)

    there are also so many people out there that breed and "do it for the love"
    I'm sorry, but what is "Love" when you end up with a horse with 2 heads, and five legs that you cant sell, ends up being give away for practically nothing, and eventually finds its way to the knackers.

    people need to take the emotional side out of breeding.
    90% of people out there, would NEVER EVER in a million years, be able to Live off an income strictly from breeding horses.

    classic example from one of my work 'mates'
    "well, we tried to put said mare in foal, but she slipped. So the wife said for me to take her to the doggers"

    RIGHT. So you're trying to tell me a mare that you think is worthy enough to breed from, to continue the pedigree and produce a racing animal, is not worthy enough to keep for a year til next breeding season?

    makes me feel very sad.
  2. Tallarook

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    Would anyone on here know what is the re-homing rate of Greyhounds?

    What is the outcome for most retired racing dogs?
  3. Raw Prawn

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    Most are euthed or used at Murdoch for dissection class at Vet School. A very small percentage are rehomed.
  4. Raw Prawn

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    Just because certain businesses arent doing well doesnt mean we are in a recession.

    Plenty of businesses closed during the huge boom of 2006-2008 as well....

    I think people need to start looking outside their own backyard for jobs. Ive had a job advertised at our clinic now for 3 months. Had very few applicants and most had very questionable resumes.

    Most businesses in the north west cannot get unskilled workers, let alone skilled workers!

    But God forbid anyone leave the green fields of the south west! The government should just give everyone jobs there........

    This whole country (especially WA) needs a big culture change and move away from the Perth/South West region and go to where the jobs are.
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    We own 2 Greyhounds.
    1 is retired to have pups but she's been here 12 mths now & we haven't bothered LOL. She's such a sweet girl.
    The other is in Perth with her trainer & STILL hasn't raced yet...
    But once she's retired, she'll become a pet also. Luckily we have the room & time. :)
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