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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Diesel91, Aug 9, 2012.

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    I could say the same about Arabs. I would bandage Karla loose as well. NEVER once has she kicked out or evaded treatment :).
  2. We go by our personal experiences, dont we?:D
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    Clovely Cut cure is the first thing I would apply to a wound, any wound actually.

    I borrowed a mates filly last year who found something in the paddock to gash her cheek with. Not a very big wound, two sided V shaped one with each side of the V about an inch or so long and thus a nice meaty flappy bit of skin. I flushed it a few times with betadine, put some Clovely Cut cure in it once and left it be, few days later it was closed over brilliantly and a week or so later if you hadn't known about it you wouldn't have known it was there. It's now the stuff that I put on any small nicks and scratches. It keeps the wound moist and puts a nice flexible protective layer on the wound. Lots of stations up this way swear by the stuff.

    Prednoderm I've used on heaps of wounds in the past, Flints Oil is brilliant especially up here as it does keep the flies and mosquitoes at bay (unique smell that stuff)

    At the end of the day there's no one single wonder potion that will work on 100% of cases on 100% of horses because as we all know all horses are different and it doesn't hurt to have an arsenal of things at the ready.
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