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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Diesel91, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Prednoderm I found useless. There's better products and I personally think honey is over rated. My filly reacted to honey in a bad way and am not convinced of its healing 'powers'.
  2. I use honey only under bandages and only in winter when there are no flies.
    I like using honey because it has high natural anticeptic and rejuvination qualities, also you dont have to rinse the wound, you can put honey on honey and wrap it up again. Sugar will do the same but is harder to apply.:)))
  3. Kiwigirl

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    Hey Arnie :D

    The wound in the pics I put up at the start of this tread was treated with only honey, no bandages. I couldn't bandage that one without causing pressure sores etc because it was so high up the leg.

    I think that proves the healing powers of honey, it worked for me, but what works for me may not work for others ;)

    I agree with you about the proud aide, costs a lot but well worth the money.
  4. BugEye

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    Australian scientists have made a fabulous discovery with bush honey - they have found that bush honey (honey made from native trees) has defeated all bacteria that has been thrown at it. Google it and look at the results
  5. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    You all can give me your stories but I've also heard many where it doesn't work.
    What works for some doesn't mean it'll work for everyone. Everyone recommends what works for them.

    It didn't work for me and I'll never touch honey again and no-one could ever convince me. Given what I use works, why fix what isn't broken.

    I am no in no way saying don't use honey, I'm just saying its not for me...good for you.
  6. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    I, also, will not be using honey again. I'd read great things about it, and bought mass supplies of unprocessed honey....but there are better methods :)

    Prednoderm has a more aggressive emollient than something like Pottie's Green Ointment, so prednoderm may be slightly slower in healing properties. Not to say it's useless tho.

    A hindleg injury I had earlier in the year

    Just 6 weeks later....
  7. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I think that most of the research done on the medicinal benefits of honey, have been done on Manuka Honey.......? While any unprocessed honey has antibacterial properties ect, it is the Manuka Honey that took the medical world by storm for its healing miracles.

    The fact that honey cannot be imported into WA, I am wondering if the reason for a lack of result using honey, is actually more a result of not using high + factor MANUKA honey? We can get it here easily - though the one with the highest labelling of +mircobes+ is expensive ($75 a jar).

    Anyone interested in the research on Manuka Honey and all its animal and human success stories, can just do a simple googie! **)
  8. Wattle, was is a severed tendon injury as well? The foot is on the toe, not placed flat on the ground?
    We healed Bunny's injury with a "horse" honey, not even a normal honey of the shelf or manuka honey. I believe it was a sweetner like molasses. I bought a 2l bottle at Newdegate Field Day. I can vouch that the healing properties of it were absolutely amazing, rejuvenation of the tissue and forming of tissue on the bone and the speed of it was remarkable. The best part it was CHEAP!:D**)**)
  9. PPH

    PPH Guest

    I also like Flints medicated oil. It is easy to apply and has no stinging effect. I've also noticed that flies do not like it so an added bonus.
  10. Diesel91

    Diesel91 Well-known Member

    i am using jarrah honey which ive been told is the cloest you can get in wa to manuka honey. Will keep you updated on process :)
  11. Diesel91

    Diesel91 Well-known Member

    12/07/2012 day of the injuries

    16/08/2012 picture from yesterday, the hoof wall is slowly growing back, very white atm.
  12. Diesel91

    Diesel91 Well-known Member

    excuse his hoof falling off :/
  13. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Looking awesome!!! Well done!!!
  14. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    That was a pretty impressive wound Wattle but gee it healed well. Good job **)

    Diesel that looks to be healing well. These things always looks so horrid at first ! Whatever you're using, stick with it. :)
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  15. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Thanks Zaza :) That filly sold shortly after to NSW and is going so well over there :) I can't say often enough - Vet first!! Our Vet was here within less than 20 minutes (of course it was a Sunday #()

    Coliban, no she had no tendon damage, thank goodness. She did sever arteries in the hoof though and had a large piece of hoof cut off. The first photo was at her second bandage change, I think. Initially she'd been bandaged as an all-in-one and the hoof ws bandaged in the position it is in, in the photo. I thought this would lead to muscular issues from uneven load-bearing, so changed it to two wound sites after this bandage change and the filly was a lot better off, movement-wise, for that. But each animal should be managed for itself (as we all know).
  16. Good thinking Wattle**), I would've done the same:)*
  17. PetaBizz

    PetaBizz Well-known Member

    Our filly is a Morgan x arab (bitzer) lol
  18. QHs are easier to deal with:p I am bias though:p
    I could change Bunny's bandage on my own, she didnt even need to be tied up, she just stood there for me.:)
  19. Diesel91

    Diesel91 Well-known Member

    We went from having 4 people for bandage change to me being able to do it myself :)
  20. Pics of Bunny as of today






    she is empty and happy as larry:D

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