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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by lorradaux, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. lorradaux

    lorradaux New Member

    Hi All.

    My silly TB mare went and took a big chunk of skin off yesterday. Its about 2 inches square. None of the muscle underneath is cut, just the skin. Since it's on her chest near the shoulder, I can't bandage at all. I have put purple spray on it (all I had at the time) and will give it a good wash down with betadine tonight. The wound was nice and clean. I have also got a tetanus shot to give her just in case (I have only had her a few months and wasn't told her immunization history. she SHOULD be up to date, but I dont want to risk it.)

    Does anyone have any suggestions to get it to heal over quicker and not scar so much? I had just decided to sell her (typically) and the sooner it heals over the sooner I can get the ball rolling. I have been told nappy rash cream is good?
    Thanks Guys
  2. Coda Cowgirl

    Coda Cowgirl Well-known Member

    i like the sea minerals ointment for those types of wounds.
  3. lorradaux

    lorradaux New Member

    Thanks Coda :) Will try and get some
  4. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    And then get hold of some equiskin - it will help with hair regrowth, it is great stuff. I just got some from saddleworld, they had to order it in and it took a week to get here.

    I have had great success with this, but sadly no pics to proove it :(
  5. Horseagilitywa

    Horseagilitywa Well-known Member

    There are so many things people use.

    I've used sea mineral ointment with great success.

    Now i used calendular for first coupla days, then a day with medicinal aloe vera plant leaf split in half and bandaged on. Great for getting rid of scarring. My own facial scars attest to this. I'll try and find photos.

    There are so many things that work.
  6. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    Tea tree cream at first - cleaned daily with betadine scrub.
    Then tea tree cream as it is healing to keep soft, not much - but just enough to cover it.
    You may have some luck with stuff you can get from chemists called 'fixemal' - it is a breathable sticky skin.

    Gently clean everyday with a light rubover of betadine scrub diluted (used correctly) with a soft gauze or clean cloth.

    Get a sanitary pad, cut slightly bigger than needed - create a dressing with the fixemal with at least an inch around the whole pad/dressing of fixamal(for stickability : ) )

    Gently dry the area with a cloth or a blow drier on low/cool. Youll need the hair to be dry for the fixamal to stick (or shave it off - it'll grow back, small price to pay for being able to protect a wound and prevent scarring)
    Cover wound with tea tree cream - Thursday Plantation brand and cover the lot with the dressing.
    Change daily.
    Slowly decrease the amount of tea tree ointment/cream everyday.
    When you are feelin confident to leave it open - eg it wont tear or damage the new skin again - spray it with Eucalyptus Aeorosol spray for the bugs and anitseptic. I personally prefer this to the purple spray at this stage as it creates a barrier for easy cleaning of sand ect, and doesnt change the colour so you can clearly see the condtion of the wound.
    Massage bald healed scar with ungvita daily.

    Thats what id do : ) good luck **)
  7. painter

    painter Well-known Member

    Can you please tell me the correct dilution rate for betadine? And when you say scrub, do you mean actually rub/massage it in rather than a soak?

    My mare has cut the back of her fetlock joint, not badly, but it's in an awkward spot. I have only been able to put purple spray on it so far (only had her a few weeks, previously neglected and flighty with back legs, last night was the first time she has allowed me to pick it up and look at it for more than 3 seconds without kicking).
  8. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    ..actually... I dont know :)
    Their is two types - betadine scrub, comes in a blue bottle, and Normal Betadine, which comes in a brown bottle.
    The betadine scrub is used in water at the same dilution of 'bad quality' detergent. Its great stuff - and a dsah in half a cup of water is plenty.
    Ive never known a vetinarian to use it to correct measurments :) when travelling out - they often make up a container of it, stuff the container with gauze swabs and that is what they use to clean..whatever they encounter that needs cleaning :)

    Yeh - when I say 'scrub' its more rub/massage than srub scrub...however in some situations this can be a good idea. especially a deep graze that has scabbing and dirt all combined :)

    The betadine scrub doesnt need to be rinsed off either - just allow it to dry, or rub the hair as dry as you can get around the wound. Ideally you dont want to wrap up a wet wound unless it is a ointment. ALso most things wont stick unless it's dry.

    I hope that helps **)
  9. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    Normal betadine dries quiker than the scrub...and doesnt get diluted :)

    I have both - but 'betadine scrub' is for cleaning, as it froths up like soap - and there for cleans much more effectivly.

    Just use the 'Betadine' on already clean small cuts and grazes, there is better things for 'wounds' :)
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  10. painter

    painter Well-known Member

    Ok good, I have the normal brown bottle of betadine, so I will use that.

    Now I hope we don't have any 'wounds' that need treating, but best to be prepared so, what is the best thing for them? (assuming its a wound that dosn't need the vet out).

    Actually I will need to set up a full first aid kit for when we move, and it will be a lot easier to get all the stuff I need here in Perth, so what other types of creams/scrubs/sprays should be kept in the first aid box?
  11. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    Love my betadine scrub - tally doesn't though lol
  12. milzenzab

    milzenzab Active Member

    Raw sugar and iodione put on a cotton wool length and wrapped around cuts are great. It draws out any infection.
    Also swollen legs use Cotton wool lengths- frozen in salty water. A great polliant?
  13. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    The whole kit and kaboodle :)

    Here in inventory of my first aid box -

    Dressings -

    1x X-Large Nappies one bag (with grip tabs / they can be very handy) For large dressings - poultices.
    1x packet of large sanitary pads for small dressings
    1x roll of Cotton wool

    4 x rolls of elastoplast roll (horse elastoplast)
    4 x rolls of Vet wrap
    2x rolls of electrical tape

    Equipment -

    An array of sterile syringes - from 5 ml to as big as I can get, 20 ml or larger.
    Sterile needles.
    Twitch (the rope and ring type)
    Safety bandage scissors
    another pair of scizzors
    Pen, Texta, and notepad.
    Latex Gloves (the real ones - not the coles ansell brand, they fall apart to easily)

    Medicaments / OIntments/ Sprays

    Betadine Scub
    Tea tree oil
    Tea tree Antispetic Cream
    Lavender Essential Oil
    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
    Citronella Essential Oil
    Emergency Essence
    Tincture of Arnica
    Arnica Cream
    Potties White ointment
    Red Gum Unprocsessed honey (healing / proud flesh prevention)
    Copper Sulphate/lime (proud flesh prevention)
    Cetrigen/or Joshep Liddys Blue spray
    Vinegar (bruising/swelling)
    Swell down
    Naturevet - Injectable Vitamin C (Slowing onset of snake venom)
    Anti fungal/ Antibacterial powder
    Savacol (for nasty grass seeds in the mouth)

    Barley Sugars / peppermints

    Other things

    Paper bags
    Glad wrap
    Instant Icepack

    Well thats my lot - and it pretty much goes with me wherever my horse goes.
    All events.
    I also keep it stocked properly all the time - as murphy's law, your horse rarely hurts itself when your prepared :)
    Also they always do it on a public holiday, sunday morning, or saturday night :)
    Feel free to ask what specific stuff if for :)

    You dont really need to go all out like I have - but I wouldnt NOT have any of it. I have used everything - plus it lets you treat ALOT of things, poperly, and asap having it all their.
  14. ombcross

    ombcross New Member

    i just got some stuff from my friend the other day it is called nature's botanical creme it can go on open wounds it keeps flies away too it shrunk my fillys sore by half in 5 days. made by ds white 0892778850:)*:)*

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