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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Marz, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Marz

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    As I've sad previously in mid-November my TB took himself for joy ride over a fence (landing on his knees) and then down a road at which point he stopped but the gravel made him fall over and slide along his side.
    He scraped up his knees, hip, bum, shoulder, elbow (took off meat), and along his right leg. The elbow and hip were/are the worst off.

    I went to hospital with a concussion so was blissfully unaware until later. But my friends took him to the vets where he stayed being looked after for three days.

    Pretty much it went like this:
    bandaged knees- stayed on for maybe 6 days, changed once.
    Penicillin for a week (needles- which he was VERY good about)
    Bute for about 1.5 weeks
    Betadine & washing everyday/every second day for 1.5 weeks and then scrubbing off the scabs with betadine and getting them clean every second or third day after that.
    Prediderm about 2.5 weeks in every second day or everyday.
    A fly/antiseptic spray for about 2.5 weeks
    he was confined to a WIWO for about 2 weeks but now he's in a large paddock by himself (next to others)
    and that's where we're at now.

    The scabs/old skin gradually started peeling away/falling off/getting cut off around 2 weeks in. He started rolling about 1.5 weeks ago and getting them off himself.

    I'm very happy with how everything is healing, I don't have huge hopes for no scars but I'm not a hacker anyway

    He's gotten his fair share of ground work now anyway!

    I just got back on bareback & in a halter on him half way through this week (3.5 weeks after day dot)

    Planning on getting someone to check him over (muscle wise) soon

    1.5 weeks later
    3 weeks in
    is elbow was weeping/yellow/open and now it is closing up! It was much bigger too
    3.5 weeks in


    Has anyone else had a experience with a similar situation? How long did it take before yours was back working order? How did the scars go?
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  2. samm

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    Marz ,if you can get this horse down the beach in the salt water it will clean those wounds up really nicely.Personally I think people muck around too much with wounds and put lots of unnecessary "goop" on and actually inhibit wound healing but they do so as it makes "them" feel better.I wouldn't be pulling scabs off as you are setting the healing process back,don't forget wounds that aren't stitched heal by second intention so the wound has to heal layer by layer from the inside out and eventually the skin starts to come together.Quite often proud flesh is mistaken for a normal wound bed also.Generally wounds above the knee heal better than below the knee.I've had some pretty nasty wounds in 30 odd years of having horses and I found the ones I didn't muck around with too much have actually healed better ,faster and left less scarring.As long as there is no infection and the wound is clean I leave it alone.
    Good luck :)
  3. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    Going to the beach on Sunday **)

    The reason I got the prediderm was because there was some wounds that weren't scabbing, but just turning into proud flash. The prediderm requires no crust or dirt, so I have to give it a clean with Betadine first.
    The knees are the ones looking like proud flesh & not really forming a yummy crusty scab. I can see the difference between the other cuts and these

    I'm leaving the more severe wounds (the hip was actually a hole right through, I've just betadine'd the edges of this one. I was a bit infected for a while, but it's cleared up now)

    I was told that getting the crusty bits off/cleaning it up can promote healing because it brings fresh blood/activity to the area. I'm too much of a wimp to go nuts on them anyway. Most of the scabs & skin I've let him wear off through rolling (if it comes off then it's probably ready, right?)

    I might start leaving the least-severe cuts and just going over with Betadine when required- they're closed up enough now the flies aren't really bothering them (except his elbow and hip).

    I've seen wounds, but never had to manage them. The person I co-own the horse with used to manage some station STBs which were a bit more enduring than our TB by the sound of his wound-stories. He's pretty happy with everything too.

    I'll see if I can start relaxing about them a bit more :blink:

    also this is him now:
  4. samm

    samm Gold Member

    Can't beat salt water in my opinion :)
    Generally if I get proud flesh I just get the vet to do a cut back on it.Far easier and quicker than mucking around.Blood supply produces proud flesh so more bleeding more chance of proud flesh.Proud flesh has a good blood supply but no nerve endings.
    Hip looks good ,elbow will take a little longer.
    Everyone has their own methods,I've just had more success with leaving them alone more than not :)
  5. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    I didn't know you could cut back. The vet didn't mention it went I went in. hmmm

    I'll see if it starts to scab over in the next week or so. and then inquire down those lines.

    The hip still has a lot of dead skin over the main wound/hole. I'm gonna leave that alone and let it do it's own thing as long as it doesn't get infect again. It's probably his sorest spot too.
    this was it about a week ago (it's cleared up a bit since then)

    Yeah, I don't expect much quick from the elbow- considering it's original state, I'm pretty damn happy.

    I've had no success or failures either way... maybe I'll try a bit of both *#)

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