Wound Management....Paris Injured pics ( graphic)

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by KC Quarter Horses, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. genuinesqueak

    genuinesqueak Active Member

    OMG that is far worse than i'd imagined! She is definitely in very capable hands though :)* and she will definitely get the love and tlc she needs to recover :)
  2. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    Hey KC, how long does an injury of that extreme take to heal fully?? Im assuming she is locked in a stable too? If so, for how long?
  3. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Time will tell Tarz. ATM she is confined in a stable & will be for at least a week. I expect it will be at a minimum 6 weeks but could be double that........not sure, before she can go back into work.
    The vet said it wasn't too bad........just looked it.
    IF they were to have a injury like that then where she had it was the best place.....its just muscle & that heals pretty good.
    He tells me she will be 100% sound.......which is good :)
    Alan is coming back ut to see her tomorrow so I will update you on what he says :)
  4. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    Wow, a week only, I won't tell hoolie that (he is confined for 4 weeks haha)

    6 weeks is not too bad, like you said looks worse then it is, still scary all the same haha.

    Thats great she will be 100% sound :) im sure she will be back out there in no time!

    Will have to keep us updated, I would be interested to see it after each week, how well it has healed.
  5. Leti loves Elmo

    Leti loves Elmo Well-known Member

    OMG!!! That would of hurt sooo much!!! Poor girl hope she's feels and gets better.:( :( :( :(
  6. Horrible wound KC:(
    I don't think the mare bucked.(why would she?)
    More than likely she scambled and went down. Then panicked and done this doozie on the divider trying to get up. The skin got basically scraped up when she was trying to get up. I don't think that she'd be ready to be brought back to work in 6 weeks. This wound won't be very eazy to heal, coz sooner or later the mare will want to lie down. And then the stiching might give (I hope not for the horse' sake), then the threat of the infection (if she lies down on the bad side), then the wound will blow up before it'll start to get smaller.
    I saw the injury like that 10 years ago. The lady who owned the mare used to pour straight honey into the wound, it healed up pretty good.
    What could cause the mare to go down? may be driving a bit too fast or cutting corners a bit too sharp? But I doubt that you could hear anything when the truck engine was going:(
    Good luck in wound management.
    Cheers, lena
  7. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    She is a very big mare Lena & if she went down we should have felt it, however there is a divider that has mesh on it.....I think they used to put the horses nose to tail.
    I think it is more likely that.....if she didn't have a wide enough space or if she reacted to a horse on either side of her. I think it is more likely to be the mesh divider than the rug racks as the if hte mesh got pushed out it id more likely to do that sort of damage than a blunt corner.
    I really do not know how long it will take to heal as its quite deep but I have seen a pretty bad wound similar although not as big knit in htat amount of time.
    She has had antibiotics but I have been told to do nothing yet. I expect I will have to bathe it twice daily in warm salty water starting in a few days, then the honey after that, but will wait & see what Alan says tomorrow & I expect he will check her in another week.
    The skin will die back but I have seen amazing results with just muscle damage. Alan tells me it isn't that bad ......just looks it, but we will wait & see. So far he has taught me alot in wound management & when I have followed his directions I have had very quick results with minimal scaring.
    Legs are far worse than this wound although it looks really gross :)
  8. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    o mate, i am cringing just looking at it and feel on teh verge of tears myself! your poor girl. what a HUGE shock to see that, and after such a great day.

    wow, i am so sorry... glad you've got a good vet...

    are the other horses okay? they may be a bit scarred by this emotionally too... i bet she was crying from the pain and they felt helpless.
  9. kat.loves.omes

    kat.loves.omes Active Member

    wow! what a shock to find that!!! poor girl!! and poor you!! wow!! good luck with the recovery
  10. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Well Wayne was driving Lena & the truck doesnt actually go that fast & he is a pretty good driver. I think it is more likely she reacted to horses nect to her.
    Crafty was first on & although he is a gelding he THINKS he has swellings & acts more like a stud than Comanche does.
    I cannot put Paris next to him as she reacts, so Duchess went next to him & then Paris. Nest to Paris was Fiona, a mare Paris hasn't met before, but as she was a big horse too we had to put CC & Savannah last as they are smaller.
    So probably not driving but reacting to either Crafty or the mares either side of her.....or a sudden braking when a car pulled out in front of the truck....which did happen, but we were going pretty slow, so if she was responing to horses & Wayne braked suddenly that might be enough
  11. hutchy

    hutchy New Member

    How's the big girl looking today KC?

    I've driven that truck and can vouch that it goes pretty slow!

    I think that it was the mesh and horse's messing around KC but it's one of those 'you'll never know' situations and it's best to focus on the horse and getting her fixed up. I have seen you get the most amazing results with wounds and have every faith that this one will be no different.

    Any news yet from Alan (vet) today yet?
  12. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Hi Hutchy,

    Alan will be here about 2.30, so we will see what he says. Roger just to Fiona home so I will bring Dutchess back to keep her company.
    She isn't eating her breakfast, but is eating hay a bit. She looks sore & the wound smells, so I will wait & see what ALan has to say.

    I am sure it is the mesh also after having a good look at it & I seriously doubt Waynes driving being the cause.....more likely reacting to the horses either side of her or Crafty being his usualy idiot self

    Will let you know what Alan has to say after he has been :)
  13. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    YIKES.......... Jen and Donna, I have only just seen this thread........

    Fingers crossed she heals up nicely for you and gets back on track soon!

    You know, you can put them in padded cells and they will still find a way to hurt themselves wont they!!

    I guess things like this are called 'accidents' for a reason - they are accidents......... unfortunately things happen....... You probably will never know exactly how it happened, or why, and that will probably bug the daylights out of you!
  14. Monkey

    Monkey Well-known Member

    Hey KC and Doona just read this post. I hope everything turns out ok, and hope shes back to her old swlf in no time. My boy Tom cut his leg just missed the coffin bone last week, and yes it did look worse before it got better, but changed the bandage last night and its starting to look half decent the vet is coming back out on wednesday and then she will decide if she should cast it or not. The bandage goes all around his hoof up to his knee lol. But hopefully both of them will be ok, Is paris a chestnut? if so whats this with chestnuts hurtung themselves!! :)*
  15. j_hayman_

    j_hayman_ New Member

    Really sorry to hear about this. hope all turns out ok which im sure it will.
    But just a question, how was the horse and other horses acting when you got them out of the truck. And loading her off the truck. Was she all panicky?
  16. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Thanks everyone

    As for how they were.....they were all very very quiet. No panic at all. I wonder if they all knew something wasn't right. They all quietly waited their turn & so did she. She walk off nicely Donna took her over to the house while Wayne & I got the other 2 off & put them all away. She had a rug on but we knew it was bad from all the blood.
    Although that wound is huge nobody had a single mark on their legs....thats the first thing I looked for when we saw all the blood. I would have expected if their was scrambling we would have seen a few leg scratches, but no nothing.
    Usually when we stop to get food Crafty stomps a bit but this time all was quiet, so we do not know when it happened in the trip, although the vet said it was a pretty fresh wound.
    The trip was about 6 hours & it took the vet 2 hours to get here .........so I suppose we will never know.
    It is absolutely putrid atm, but the vet said it would stink.........I just have a really weak stomach in regards to smells so have just spent the last 15 dry heaving..........dont know whether to bathe in deoderant now or after the vet has come LOL
    Will keep you updated
  17. j_hayman_

    j_hayman_ New Member

    Yeah i know what you mean about the smells. I have a tough stomach for all the guesome images but let me smell that smell and i find that very hard to handle. Helped a vet once take a bandage off a horse that hat severed almost its entire hoof off and that smell was definatley not pleasant. I could only image what your wound would smell like. its got to be one of the challenged tho that i need to overcome if i want to be a vet.
  18. Monkey

    Monkey Well-known Member

    Yeah i know where you are coming from KC tommys leg reaked after i took the bandage off yesterday nearly fainted! lol but i didnt just had a bad head ache for the rest of the arvo...:)
  19. Bruce the Goose

    Bruce the Goose Well-known Member

    Sorry to hear about Paris, Donna & KC.

    By the sounds of what the vet has been telling you it looks, and smells, worse then it is. Hoping she has a quick recovery and is 100% sound for the future.

    Cheers Tracey
  20. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Well the vet just left ........all good news so far.
    The smell is great......means everything is doing as it should ( Although I find it very hard to stomach)
    We are to confine her for 1 week, start exercising her in 3 weeks & she should be back competing within 8 weeks......hard to believe when you see the wound.
    I will take more photos in another day or so, but to get the real effect I think you need smellyvision LOL
    All I am required to do is continue antibiotics, spray twice daily with centigen. I do wash the discharge off her leg & spread vasaline below the wound & down her leg to stop the discharge from burning her skin.......thats it for the time being
    Oh & I can give her 5mls bute am & pm as her support leg is getting a bit of fill

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