Wound Management....Paris Injured pics ( graphic)

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by KC Quarter Horses, Jul 29, 2007.

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  2. KC Quarter Horses

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    Hi All,
    If you have questions regarding Paris, feel free to PM me & I will post the answer, so others can see the question & answer :)
  3. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    To answer some questions that have been Pm'd to me.

    The flap on the left has not adhered totally, however Alan wants to leave it there for the time being as there is circulation to the area, so its wait & see & we will re-evaluate.

    There will be minimal scarring but the hair may not grow back as smooth as it was. We may find that the hair that grows back will be in slightly different directions as the hair follicle has been disturbed.......It will however be the same colour & not white or grey.

    We are now at the stage of hosing the wound twice a day & spraying with dermacleans. She is out in the weather without her rug, he wants to rain on it & the cool. At night she is rugged & stabled to give the warmth. Its all about increasing circulation to the area.

    She is not on antibiotics or bute, just the above treatments.
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  4. KC Quarter Horses

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    Well Paris had her teeth done today, then had a nice frolick in the paddock. This arvo when Donna brought her back she took her for a nice bare back ride for about 15 minutes.
    Paris was feeling pretty good & really happy to go for a bit of a trot down the road.
    She is great bareback, although Donna says she hasn't got a huge amount of steering in a halter LOL :)
    Wound is looking great & Paris is happy.
    Alan says the hollowing under the lump on the left hand side will fill more with exercise.
    So its been 3 weeks & 2 days & she is back in work.....but only a little bit. Obviously she isn't jumping just long walks & a bit of a trot. :)....Oh & she loves to canter out next to the bike when I lead her out :)
  5. KC Quarter Horses

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    Donna took Paris out for another ride today....in the pouring rain.
    Paris certainly is feeling good about being back in work..........she had beautiful long canter up the hill & down the avocado rows.
    She is rounding up beautifully & happy to be getting out & about. Sophie rode Duchess & the girls....both human & horses came back laughing, smiling & happy
    Soooo good to see :)......its a great relief.
    Will update photos tomorrow if it stops raining long enough to get a pic
  6. KC Quarter Horses

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    Ok so Paris got her wound cleaned.....I used warm water instead of the horse, poor baby.......she hates the cold water out of the hose.

    The stitches are out & the wound is looking great. The bump on the left has basically gone & there is heaps of new skin growing.

    Poor darling was really itchy, so we spent a bit of time cleaning her up & giving her a big scratch.

    We are happy with how its progressing. :)

    So here is Day 25

  7. KC Quarter Horses

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    Well its 4 weeks today so I thought I would put up todays photo

    As you will see its looking very red, but this is because we are now spraying it with Dermacleans to keep the granulation at skin level. It was starting to get higher than that so we are controlling it with the Dermacleans. This is a softer product than lotagen, which would inhibit the new skin growth.

    Still happy with how its going

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    Thank you,
    Mod 1:)
  9. KC Quarter Horses

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    4 weeks & 3 days

    Well here is todays photo. Its slowing down a bit at the moment but I think while I should be taking her rug off during the day for the last 3 days its been so cold & so wet I have left it on.
    If it was just a bit of rain & not so cold I would have taken it off.....but the poor baby ends up shaking from the cold if I leave her rug off in htese conditions.
    I took out 127 mls from the rain gauge this arvo & its still pouring, with an artic wind behind it.
    I actually left Paris & Stella in the stables today

    ok she here is the photo


    you can see the skin growing around all the edges now :)
  10. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    I had a question in regards to proud flesh

    A while ago the pink section was raising above the skin line & I was worried we were getting too much granulation. So we wash & rub it with a cloth & then spray dermacleans on it.
    Alan suggested this rather than lotagen because it is softer & wont inhibit the skin growth like the lotagen will.
    As for hair growth, I can already see areas that were pink skin to start with drakening & hair starting to grow on those areas.
    I expect it will take months to totally cover.......but who knows :)
  11. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Had Alan out today & all is great.

    I need to recharge the batteries in the camera to take another photo, but we are at the stage of do nothing.

    So have finished with the washing every day & the dermacleans. All I have to do now is get some lanolin & rub in onto the wound to keep it moist.

    Donna is to put her into consistant work & hopefully it will look nice enough soon to start taking her out again


    I will try & get some update photos in the next days or so.
  12. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Well still haven't got the photos & although the wound is looking good we had a set back last night.
    Paris managed to get a kick.....& guess where it landed, right in the middle of her wound, so it has taken a hunk out & is no doubt bruised & sore.
    Of all the places for one of the others to actually land a hoof, it would have to be right on that spot.
    THe weather was so bad last night I brought them all in, but I think the thunder, lightening & hail didn't impress them to much.
    Will have to wait & see how this latest bit develops
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    @) Hello all....for those who were interested in following Paris's ordeal.

    Well here's the very much recent photo of Paris, she is a picture of health with minimal scarring - remembering it was umm very large nasty injury, she is looking faboulously good :)*

    I just hope that KC or Skito didn't mind me putting this up!;)

    **edited...to say I'll allow Members to post comments about Paris's injury in this thread here! As KC/Skito is on a dial-up (new property) which would probably be a lot easier for them to read it here!**
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  15. StandyRandy

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    That is brilliant
  16. GeeJay

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    It was good to see Paris on Friday and to see the results of a lot of hard work. It was a terrible wound and I no very stressfull for both KC and Skito.

    Paris is such a sooky La La and has taken the ordeal in her stride and will have no trauma from it.

    I also take my hat of to THE VET he did a fantastic job and I never doubted him, we are lucky to have him Ummmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if he will come to Payne Find but one thing I know he will allways help over the phone a vet with the horse at heart**)

  17. Horsetalk

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    That is looking very good. **) Well done KC and Paris.:)
    Will tell THE VET your kind words Janet.
  18. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

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    Thanks for the update great to see such improvement:)*
  19. arabianluvva

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    WOW!! it looks great! It was the most horrific injury I've seen like that and its wonderful that its looking so good, great work and congrats to her owners :))
  20. Marianne

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    Stockyard Vet of the Year/Month

    She is a big girl. I didn't realise. The wound looks great.

    I dont' know if it's something that would be allowed. But I think it would be a nice way to say thankyou to our vets. Esp those who go over and above the call of duty.

    Perhaps set it up the same way as Zoo's HOTM with nomination stories and then a poll. It might be better to have the storys not include the vets name. And then reveal the mystery VOTM/Y when the poll is counted.

    Just an idea.:D

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