Wound Management....Paris Injured pics ( graphic)

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by KC Quarter Horses, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    Awesome Jennie I am sure she enjoyed getting out and stretching her legs, not sure if Plutsie would be happy loosing her LOL.

    Certainly know infection there Onwards and Upwards I have to say**)

  2. genuinesqueak

    genuinesqueak Active Member

    Oh my god KC!! It looks even more better than the last picture! It doesnt even look as painful as what it did.
  3. jodles

    jodles Well-known Member

    wow I can actually look at it now(would never make a nurse lol) it looks amazing great work!!!!
  4. Monkey

    Monkey Well-known Member

    Great job KC, it looks so much better!
  5. proud mum

    proud mum Well-known Member

    Give yourself a pat on the back.. :)* and your mare a big hug .You and your vet have done a wonderfull job. Thanks for all the information and pitcures you have been posting .Im sure alot of people, myself included, have learnt alot from following your wonderfull horses progress through her injury.
    We have been through a massive fence injury with one of our horses involving both back legs fronts and back, groin to hoof and it has been a long proccess getting him through it as they always say it gets worst before it gets better....And we were lucky to have a wonderfull horse that has the will to be with us as I feel that is really why he is still with us today.
    Unfortunatley there are always people that seem to want to put you down and tell you that you are doing the wrong thing or treating the injury the wrong way but unless they have faced what you are going through they couldnt begin to understand .
  6. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    OH my god, that looks amazing, isn't it unreal how they heal so well, with proper care ofcourse. You have done an amazing job. Those bumbs on the wound will they go away....
  7. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    looking good, very clean.
    I cant wait to see it in another two weeks, you can see the edges of the new pink skin too**)
  8. deschuur

    deschuur Gold Member

    Wow it is looking good:) well done. It is amazing looking through the pics from day one to day in paddock, a great learning curve.
  9. Coz

    Coz Well-known Member

    Wow!! What a difference!! You have done an amazing job!!
  10. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Thanks All,

    Proud Mum.....I am sorry to hear about your horse. I suspect your horses wound was a whole lot more severe than Paris's. Leg injuries take so much longer to heal. Hopefully your boy is on the mend.

    Maree4....if the bumps dont contract, I suppose we might have to slice a bit off to make it level. While granulated flesh bleeds alot it dosent hurt the horse to cut it off. :)
  11. Jump Off

    Jump Off Well-known Member

    Wow, its looking so much better! Well done!

    Thanks for keeping us all updated on her progress **)
  12. Horsetalk

    Horsetalk Well-known Member

    KC that is amazing, good job. I am so happy for you.**)
  13. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Great job Jennie**)

    I am sure Paris is just as happy to be out in the paddock and stretching her legs and have a bite on yummy green grasses!

    Can't wait to see what it looks like in a fortnight's time...:)
  14. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    just a quick question... what would happen if she went hooning round the paddocck? (if she hasn't already done so after getting her freedom!! LOL) Would that make a difference to the healing? I am in no way contradicting you or vet as both of you have done a wonderful job just satisfying my own curiosity...
  15. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Hi Mav
    Alan has told me that letting her stretch out in the paddock having a bit of a gallop is the best thing she needs to right now, she has to keep that muscle moving and being locked up wont do that.
    He also told us not to cover is because it is at the stage where it needs to have air.
    Where she has rolled on it, she has done no damage to it and the wound remains clean due to being cleaned twice a day and making sure no dirt or grass is in the actual wound.
    At the moment she is absolutely loving being out and its whats best for her.

  16. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Wound is looking great KC, leaving it open to the air is all in the dry wound healing that Alan is suggesting and the fact that you are cleaning it twice a day and applying topical antiseptic is stopping it from getting infected (and im sure you already know this!!). Moving around is a good idea I suppose because it is like a big graze, if you dont move it it tightens up and becomes painful to stretch. It is just that debate about moist and dry wound therapy....they both have there merits! :)
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  17. mod 6

    mod 6 Moderator

    I have culled a heap of posts so as to get this post back on track and also so my deleting made sense.

    from now on this post is KC QUARTER HORSES AND SKITO ONLY THREAD for them too put up updates!!!

    if anyone wishes to send their best wishes or ask how the mare is going or too congratulate them on the wonderful job they are doing then please use the pm system
  18. Mod 1

    Mod 1 Moderator

    Thanks mod 6 for doing so, as I was in bed when the latest posts had happened! Agreed with it, if you wanted to say something then please do so with PM system....:)

    I am sure KC and Skito would have appreciated that it has been culled to get it back on track...

    As I have repeated saying to keep it as for KC or Skito to post about how this mare was doing, not constantly having some digs about something that related or not to this mare!
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  19. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Ok Today is day 21........3 weeks since the injury

    Its starting to fill quite alot & while it needs to fill some more in some areas, its time to manage it in others. Stitches are coming loose so I will take them out tomorrow & ask ALan on Tuesday about cutting off some of that flap on the right hand side, so it heals flat.

    He will be out again on Tuesday so I will give you the run down then.....I missed him last time, but Donna spoke to him & got the run down

    SO this is todays photo


    She runs around fine.......no lameness & that bump on hte left is slowly shrinking back & its slowly filling underneath. :)

    Oh & the new skin is growing quite quickly from the top, but slower at the sides & bottom.....most likely due to circulation :)
  20. Mod 4

    Mod 4 Moderator

    I have only just had a chance to read all of this post.

    Absolutely ditto to what both Mod 6 and Mod 1 have said.

    Keep it on track and keep the personal rubbish off the forum.

    So much of what was deleted was unnecessary. Grow up people, so much of that was not required.

    KC & Skito, thankyou for taking the time to to post the continual updates and photo's on your girl. It is definately appreciated.

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