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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Reigate, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    Oh, um, well not our mare - one thats here on agistment - in the stable - which has had god knows how many horses in it, and NOT ONE injury.... found SOMETHING (we think a bolt head perhaps????) and tore a hole in her side - icky pic warning below........

    Still with me?? Okies, you were warned - icky pic......... Photos taken at time of injury - 4th March 2009





    Craig Stitching with assistance.....



    We were a bit dubious about the flap - we didnt know if perhaps it might be a bit iffy as the blood flow to things like that can be compromised and they die back - but stitching the flap closed to begin with is worth a shot, and it at least gives the part under it time to get a 'skin' over it if at all possible......

    And it stops the initial bleeding :)
  2. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    Well these next photos were taken on the 21st March 2009

    The flap did die off, and was removed, and we have been keeping it clean (as has she - shes been able to reach it and lick it a bit. grrrrr), and spraying it with Extinosad. Other than some antibiotics, that is all..... (Extinosad you get from rural supplies places - its a sheep fly strike spray with an antiseptic in it)

    The lip looks really good now too.... Craig cut that little flap off..........


  3. milzenzab

    milzenzab Active Member

    Is that your husband in the photos? If it is, Isn't he a "Jack of all trades" I have seen him handling foals, farrier and now vet. NOW that is the type of husband I need. My husband would not know the front of a horse to the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Bl**dy horses ... Bless them. The strife they can get themselves in. *#)
    I hope whatever she took offense too in the stable came off 2nd best too.

    It looks to be healing well CM.
    A very multi talented hubby you have there :)

    Oh, love the photo of puss supervising the situtation. **)
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  5. Cheeki

    Cheeki Gold Member

    Glad to hear its all clearing up .. gotta love the cat ontop supervising :D

    Boy your hubby is a keeper! Agreed with Milz .. jack of all trades! Awesome!
  6. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    Heheheh thanks guys, you do realise he is getting a swelled head cos I just told him what you wrote! lol.............

    Yep, hes a Jack of All Trades.... and a Master of quite a few as well! lol

    We do nearly all of our own 'vet' type work here, we have to. Our vets who are DARN WONDERFUL are 300km away, and they know that we can handle most things so are happy to do phone consults with us :) And if any of the locals have any problems, we can go help them out but ring the vet for a 'consult' and give them all the vital signs and what we can observe, and then they prescribe if anything is needed.

    We have a really good stock of stuff in our fridges to cover all circumstances - because chances are if we need something, we need it in a hurry!!!

    (Like thismorning - one of the mares has copped a kick in the hind leg, its open, obviously happened yesterday (and because she was down the back with the others yesterday arvo, we didnt think anything of it - they have a hay roll in the paddock and werent coming up to the fence for feed) and had some maggots in it - which are not a bad thing really - they only eat dead tissue.... anyhow, we brought her up to the house, gave her a shot of long acting antibiotics, bute paste and washed the wound and have sprayed it with extinosad..... and we are keeping a close eye on her..... shes got some discharge and we are concerned she may abort her foal.... :( Hope not..... )

    Hubby does beautiful stitch up jobs that actually get compliments from our own vet and others :) (Hes done emergency stitch ups on dogs when the local vet wasnt available for a few days, and then when the owners have taken the dog to her, shes commented on a lovely job!)

    Hes a farrier - has a couple of corrective jobs hes doing at the moment, builds horse yards and does great fencing, designed and built our round yard, and crush, rebuilt the horse truck, rebuilt our old float and our old horse truck, is doing some serious renovations on the house......... hes pretty cluey!! :)

    I think I will keep him!! :) I appreciate him soooooooooooo much..........

    AND he cooks, cleans and knows how to use the washing machine and vacuum cleaner!!!! And HE knew we had an iron, even though I didnt! lol............
  7. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    woi CMSporthorses - just wondering if you sent your very talented hubby on some sort of "good at everything 101" course & if so,where can i send mine?
    i think your cat is hysterical!!! what a giggle.
    my horses were like that when i stitched up our pet roo - very attentive,partic the mare.weird but wonderful showing such compassionate attitudes.
  8. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    Hehehe Beagle, mine came like that - already trained! :)

    We have seen about 300 foaling downs between us too now (gotta love TB studs!! lol), and have seen pretty much everything they can throw at you........... so we are well prepared for our own mares each year :)

    Had to do a fetoetomy (sp?) on a mare last year for someone not far from us :( That was pretty awful on the mare - she had been in labour for about 7 hours by the time we got there and then it hubby tried everything to get it out without having to cut it up first..... :( (Was premmie - which was good - meant it was smaller and obviously dead).....

    Poor mare..... thankfully she was fine though - had a flush out and a couple of oxytocin shots!! Owner had been on phone to their vet who is also our vet - vet suggested we might have some oxy....

    Hehehe with the cat - I dont think there was any compassion with Chevy - he was just wondering if he could start eating her yet! lol
  9. Meegz

    Meegz New Member

    You vet sounds like ours lol- shes too far away to come out so we do everything ourselves, dont have a farrier either so hooves are done by us. we have 2 fridges dedicated to stock medications yay. Do lots of stitching up at home too- sheep, roos etc etc

    Good job with the mare. her wound looks really good! mouth is bootiful as it should be. Bugger about the other mare though:( no good hey i hope she keeps the foal for you.

    Beagle- send you hubby to the middle of no where for a few months were he has to do everthing himself:)* hell figure it out pretty fast. everyone does when they have too!!

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