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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Its Party Time, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    I went off to see a sports physician for an opinion on my back problem!

    Well I got some news and I don't know whether it is good or bad:confused: !He doesn't believe that my problem is operable BUT what he basically said is I may need to learn to manage the pain through physio, pain management specialist and drugs when needed. He said due to severe calcification of my vertebrae's he doesn't believe surgery is an option because it will cause more problems down the track#(

    He did how ever say that I need to keep as active as possible. I asked what he thought about me continuing to ride when the pain is under control and he said to wait a couple of months and just maybe I can continue to ride :D :D

    He has recommended that I go to the Orthopedic Surgeon in October for another opinion and said if anyone can help me the Dr. I am booked in with is the best available.

    So for now Party will go off next week for some training etc and will see how we are both going when he returns!

    Thanks to all for your support and encouragement;) :)) :D
  2. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    thats kinda good news even if you can do the odd potter around the arena on party its better than not having the ability to ride at all:)*
  3. doofus

    doofus Well-known Member

    well that sounds like some positive news.... i know how frustrating it is to have severe back pain and i really do feel your pain!! hoping for all the best for the future results for you:)
  4. Lynda

    Lynda New Member

    Its reasonably positive news, lets hope it can be managed you could always try some pilates classes to strengthen your back muscles, check with the dr first but it might help to stretch out as well.
  5. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    Good luck with your appointment.

    I was diagnosed with Scoliosis (twist and rotation) and one specialist told us that I had a very mild case of spina bifida (spine didn't close completely after birth). End result endless back problems. When I was diagnosed in my early teens I was told no more riding. Well needless to say that wasn't going to happen. I suffered for years as a result but got relief the day I bought a treeless saddle. I have found that not having that ridged tree has made a huge amount of difference to my quality of life. I don't know if it will make a difference to you but I thought I'd mention it as a potential option.

    Good luck and I hope it all works out one way or another.
  6. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Thanks all I am feeling a little more positive knowing that I MAY be able to still ride occasionally;)

    Thats a good suggestion Marianne about the treeless saddle I am sure Party would also benefit from one so I will look into it down the track.**)

    A friend of mine is currently getting an indoor heated pool installed so she has offered unlimited use of it, am sure I can drag myself down the road for that:D
  7. Belinda

    Belinda Well-known Member

    Don't you just love it when different specialists give you wildly varying opinions. Makes it so hard to know what to do.

    Good luck with it!
  8. Rikki+Sasha

    Rikki+Sasha Active Member

    :O that is horrible news I've set up my career now so that it requires me to work with horses if that fell apart I would have nothing to turn to I would ride anyway stupid as it sounds I'd rather destroy myself until I believe I can no longer ride I'm only 15 and being told that would kill me

    my deepest pity for you:(
  9. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Thanks R&S yes sometimes I do think stuff the pain ride anyway BUT I also have a family to think of and a daughter who rides. I was told when I was 16 that I would never ride again and I didn't for many years. I have been very lucky to get the last 3 years of pleasure from my beautiful dream horse and as others have said there are so many other options than riding. My boy will never be short of a rider and I am sure his ridden career is just beginning!**)
  10. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    IPT firstly I am sorry that it has taken me this long to read your post, one day when we get to meet in person I will tell you about my own journey from Injury back to riding.

    Dont give up Mate, as for Party going into harness, not a big ask so long as he is not the type of horse that shy's sideways. If he is then they dont make good harness horses as they tend to snap shafts.
  11. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Apology accepted LOL

    I would love to hear about your journey when I come down for a leisurely drive;)

    Yep the more I think of Party in Harness the more I think maybe not*#) He is a Purebred Arab and regularly goes sideways when the Arab Fairies are out ! I think I would need 2 invest in quite a few shafts LOL

    But in saying this his trip to 'boot camp' is working out very well he has finally learnt to flex and bend and he can now canter a 20 metre circle yahhhh.

    Many thanks again to all for your support and friendship it is much appreciated:D
  12. Ro63

    Ro63 New Member

    i have it on good authority that party is being a very good student.....
  13. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Ro your naughty spill ..... oh thats right she will answer the phone when you ring LOL I am going down to see my baby hopefully friday I miss him soooo much;)

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