Worried about leaving horse on his own

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by mzgtr, Aug 9, 2009.

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    Exactly right **) Doing this has certainly lessened the behavior from the big chap, and he may stand erect and call more than run like a bat outta hell - but he still can have the odd day when he truly DOES NOT want to be left - those days I have to ignore. Mind you - through out all of this he has paddock neighbors still.

    And if you have the opportunity to work with young ones - do this VERY frequently.
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    My Andalusian Jumps the fence... not a blink of his eye. You take my friend, i'm coming too!

    Very Annoying!! He even jumps electric fences (then again he used to be a show jumper so who can blame him!)

    I got a little rescue pony to be his friend and it worked well coz they tolerated each other but we're so close to try and kill themselves to get back together. They'd graze at different ends of the paddock but wait quietly by the gate if you took one away.

    I had a TB in with him and he got to the point i couldn't ride him coz if he was 2 steps away from the other horse he went all silly. So TB had to go... He was much better until he lost some of his vision and now he's gone all clingy to the pony #(

    I'm being understanding to him this time though as he has reason to need his friend.

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