Worms in horses eyes

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by blowin in the wind, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. mihu

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    I'd be asking a vet for serious advice haven't heard it horses not saying that it hasn't happen though, heard it happening in people but with rare and parasitic worms from the more jungler type countries but worming her first still wouldn't hurt anyway.
  2. blowin in the wind

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    Ok, On closer inspection today in better light, the worms are on the surface, they very much look like they are under the surface and you loose sight of them when they go near the black but its just an illusion. So the first question from me about worms being in the eyes, I should have been more precise and said in the eye area, that would have covered all possibilities. Ill be more carefull in the future not to generalise.
  3. wattle6180

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    I read the thread title and had to read to make sure Blowing was in a town far, far away :eek: yuckkkkkkk

    Hopefully some quick, professional treatment will clear them up BITW and....welcome to the Forum :D
  4. blitzen

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    take some piccies please, blowin. and also... "ew gross!!!" poor pony.
  5. FDPH

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    Blowin in the wind - worms in the eyes are very common in the tropics especially over the wet season. they are like a larvae in the eye, we treat with stuff bought from Katherine Vet Clinic NT- Fly Worry contains ivermectin DMSO and some other stuff!! It may not be the same as your horse but sure sounds similar. i usually gentle hose out eye with water, put in fly worry, put on fly mask and a really big hit of invermectin based drench.
  6. Firedance

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    Worms in eyes!!!! Yuk!yuk!yuk! My skin is crawling!! God help us :eek::eek::eek: I feel like I have nits or something!!
  7. FDPH

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    yuk yuk yuk is right!!!
  8. blowin in the wind

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    Hehehe.. laughing at all the yucs, my sister did the same, but she dry reaches at anything unpleasant even her own childs poo.. Im not that bothered by it. An 18 month untouched horse from the bush is bound to have a wee bit of a worm plague going on. In regards to getting a photo, I checked her a few times yesterday and no sign of any, and thats only a few hours after a worming, so hopefully thats that! And dont worry folks, Im no longer in W.A. Infact Im very far east in the snowy river country, Victoria, so your guys are definately safe from my little beast passing anything on, and in a couple of weeks and another dose she will hopefully be parasite free :)*
    Cheers for all the input.

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