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  1. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    How often do you worm and do you do it more regularly in Spring. I usually worm every 6 weeks...:)
  2. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    I do it at the change of each season.
    So about every 3 months.
  3. Leti loves Elmo

    Leti loves Elmo Well-known Member

    I do mine every 8 weeks strict as new horses are always coming on the property and have plenty of contact. Spring doesnt mean much to me doesnt mean i will change my worming routine. On a property with a small permanet number of horses you could really stretch it out I think.
  4. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    6-8 weeks. In the last two weeks I've done them twice in 4 weeks though as I have had a few new horses come in.
  5. Jonty3

    Jonty3 Guest

    Recommendations are every three months...different active (not ivermectin)
  6. Ren

    Ren Well-known Member

    i worm every 6 weeks as does other horses in paddock and rotate wormers yearly. Equimax to strategy T :)
  7. Mater

    Mater Well-known Member

    I used to worm every 6-8 weeks, but now I'm a bit more hit and miss. I have been meaning to get a worm count analysis done on the poo to see how many worms we have at the moment. I don't like the idea of worming when there may not be worms present. Plus, the wormers kill all my lovely dung beetles and I don't have the option of keeping the 8 horses off the paddocks for a couple of weeks.
  8. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    Wow..I cant believe people worm so often :confused:
    I hope I havent been getting it wrong all these years';'
    I always thought it was a 3 month thing......but have always had my horses individually paddock so maybe that makes a difference?
  9. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    Depends which wormer im using at the time and how forgetful i am but i usually try to do it every 8-10 weeks.

    I also try to rotate according to the manufacturers recommendations so one year on Equimax then next year on Strategy T, with a rotation back onto Equimax twice throughout the year.
  10. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    I try to worm every 3 months but its more like when i remember :) But i only have 2 horses who are on the property.
  11. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    I use the same wormers as Ren, and do it 6 weekly, usually feet and worming at the same time makes it easy to remember when they are due. Alot of agistment places rotate horses from paddock to paddock often. I have only been here 8mths and there were horses here before me and I have no idea whether they were wormed regulary or not.
    I didn't know worming killed dung bettles.:(
  12. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

    About twice a year or when new horses go into paddock(which they wormed/quarantine yarded first) Mine never seem to show any signs of worms whatsoever(manures/coats/condition etc.) so I dont over do it. I think every 6 weeks is too much and I'd rather change management strategy if it was really needed that often..
  13. Jonty3

    Jonty3 Guest

    Worming does not kill dung bettles!

    6 weeks is too often, you are actually creating resistance!

    12 weeks is recommendations.....Princeton you have not be doing it wrong!**)
  14. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    MMMM, well I am glad I asked the question. I have always wormed 6 - 8 weekly.
    edited to add.....
    I just read that 6 - 8 weekly worming and good pasture management is the recommendation (in australia) to eradicate small red worm.....so I think I will stick to my 6 weekly worming. Wormers with different ingrediants need to be used certain months of the year which I knew I thought you may need to worm earlier than 6 weeks in the spring months = warm weather + wet ground, perfect for hatching worm eggs. Different worms only exist at certain times of the year.
    Maybe I should have researched first LOL...
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  15. proud_equestrian

    proud_equestrian Active Member

    The Equest wormer is my preferance as it is the only wormer out, bar ones from vets, that help managed encysted small strongyles. I also like to rotate with Stratergy T and every now and then I will use a Eqimax wormer. I go between 8-12 weeks. :)

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