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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Sniggles, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. samgard

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    I found the new Promectin Plus mini allwormer fantastic. They do one for small ponies and another one for bigger horses which is just a more concentrated version. Finally, I can actually get my thumb round the end of the tube and depress the whole syringe without issues (damn my stumpy fingers!). Being a smaller volume, my mare took the whole lot without the rigmarole of me trying to hold her head up while she swallowed. Granules in the feed work well too. My problem now is to find a wormer without mectin as the active ingredient to rotate with as they are all the old style ones which are a pain in the butt to give. Why cant they make them taste better so it isnt so horrible for the horse - I mean in this day and age!
  2. fuddles

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    years and years, way back last century wormers must have had a disgusting taste and odour as honestly l dont have the same amount of angst that l used to get at worming time.

    tho for my difficult mare back then l used to wrap the lead rope through the halter then thru her mouth. the taste of the lead rope kept her occupied, her mouth was open, l had more control of where her head went, paste went down the trap, some was wasted on the rope so just gave her the lot. That was the only way l could paste my mare safely by myself.
  3. Zegger

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    My problem isn't so much worming the horse its what he does afterwards. He actually grabs mouthfuls of dirt (99% of it's sand) and eats it and coats his whole tongue in it .

    So I have to worm on pavement that has been swept. He won't even eat afterwards for a few hours . Silly boy :eek:
  4. Sniggles

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    Haha thats a bit different! Never heard of a horse grabbing mouthfuls of sand before :p

    I give angus his dinner afterwards and he just simmers through it and wont eat it and then glares at me :eek: I feel like such a mean mummy
  5. izzy2512

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    I'd also be careful with using pellets because what happens if you need to give them bute paste ';' You could get pellet form for everything, but I find it's easier just to make the horse behave :p

    For difficult horses, I find the more you flap about the more they get stressed out and throw their head about. Make it quick and efficient and it's over before they realise. I have the wormer ready to go and like NLEC said make sure it's warm enough to dispense easily. Insert it in the corner of their mouth so they don't see it coming straight at them, dispense quickly then hand over their mouth so they don't spit it back at me :p
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    I was just thinking that pellets/granules sound like the way to go.

    Does anyone have recommendations or should I start googling? Do some treat tapeworm and others treat bots? Can you do a proper rotation using different types or pellets/granules?

    I actually have one fussy eater who I know would refuse to eat anything with wormer in it but he is easy to worm anyway even in the paddock with no halter.
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  7. JellyBelly

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    We use eraquel pellets, they Come in a gold box just from horseland etc. I don't think they get tapeworm though.
    We don't rotate wormers because we drench at least twice a yr so vet said that's the equivalent of rotating wormers. Sounds wrong I know but in the ten+ yrs we've been doing this we have never had a problem with worms so it must work :)
  8. Arnie

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    I twitch.
    One of mine is bad. I twitch, worm and done in 30 seconds. He doesn't have to get 'used. ' to worming because its simply 30 seconds.

    HOWEVER - he has gotten used to it and worms without now lol.
  9. snoopydoo

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    I have 2 bad to worm ponies here. I use the low dose stuff so I'm not sticking a huge syringe full into them and as it's more liquid than "normal" wormers the can't spit it out. i find that horses become easier to worm with this stuff. The 2 I've had for a while hardly need a halter on to worm them, the other 2 (naughty to worm) are fairly new.
    All of the ponies are taught to solid tie with indestructable rope halters, they know they can't get away. I solid tie the bad to worm ponies up really short so they can't move too much. I stick a helmet on my head just incase and get in and out before they are aware of too much. They get lots of praise and yummy treats afterwards.
    1 is really bad and I give her the pellets. Worming really stresses her out and is dangerous for me. To rotate I have to do the above and we both have to suck it up. Once I even ended up syringing a small bit onto my finger and getting it into her mouth bit at a time that way. it took 20 mins but was less stressful than having her fling herself around. I had to give this girl bute a few months ago but being determined and as quick as I could be about it, we got through the course without too much drama.
  10. PPH

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    I have one of these and it works atreat with the hard to worm horses. Just be careful if you use one not to use it in a manner that the horse starts to associate it with the worming paste.

    Put it on the horse and leave it on for 5 minutes or so before and after giving them the wormer. Sometimes just put it on and give them nothing and then take it off again and other times give them a shot of something nice like a molasses or pellet mash.

    I hope it's ok to post the following, mods please remove if it's not, but heres a link to a site that has them.

    Amazon.com: EASY WORMER DRENCH BIT: Pet Supplies

    There is a straight bar version available too aswell as other variations but I find the v shape of this one positions the wormer towards the back of the throat and tongue so they can't drop it out as easy and waste it.
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  11. Pintaloosa

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    My Clancy is difficult to worm. What I do, is I put his halter on, put my hand over the nose band (I dont grab it, just put my hand where it goes) this positions my elbow under his eye. He can't see whet I'm doing with my other hand, so the wormer goes in his mouth, and its all over and done with. No fuss at all! I doubted it would work when I first heard about it but have been able to do it several times without any fuss :) I used to have to twitch him.

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