Wormers: In one end, how long till out the other ?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by ZaZa, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. ZaZa

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    Anyone know the approximate time line of long it takes a wormer to work it's way through a horse's system ?
    I'm thinking in terms of if I keep a horse shut in a yard while the wormer does it's thing, how long till the majority of the manure containing any worms comes through ?
    Also, I've always throught it best to worm at feed time as I (think) I read somewhere that wormers work best if digested from a full stomach :confused:
    I tend to worm my horse an hour or 2 after her hard feed (just before I give her her hay).
    I never worm on an empty stomach.
    Is there an optimum time ?
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  2. ZaZa

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    Anyone ???
  3. madison

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    When I bring my horse in from spell it doesn't take much longer than 12 hours for his manure to start to change from green grass to hay and chaff with a full change over in about 24 hours so i would say 1 day maybe 2 days if you're worried would be all that you need.:))

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