Wormer for Pregnant Mare

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by sandy81, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. sandy81

    sandy81 Active Member

    Hi, I am interested in what type of wormer to give a pregnant mare as i have heard that some wormers that help with bot can cause miscarriages';'

    Also does anyone have any natural bot fly repellants? Does citronella work??
  2. amandasmith

    amandasmith Well-known Member

    I can't member which ones I used but I just made sure i read the instructions - they normally say whether they are safe for use on pregnant mares.
  3. sleeknstylish

    sleeknstylish Well-known Member

    All our pregnant mares were given Strategy T yesterday.
    There are heaps on the market that are safe for pregnant mares. Info will be printed on box/syringe.
  4. Freestyle

    Freestyle Well-known Member

    Yep -follow directions and you should be fine. My vet says not to worm until after 50 days preg.
  5. sandy81

    sandy81 Active Member

    Great thanks heaps guys:D
  6. Cheeki

    Cheeki Gold Member

    Equi-something I Think is safe. Just read the labels :)
  7. bubblez

    bubblez Well-known Member

    equest gel :D

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