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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Chinga Is My Boy, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I'm just wondering how your timetable works if you have two horses, I understand that they can't be exact but can be around about. I own a TB gelding Chinga who gets worked 5 days a week other wise he has two much energy and I'm working with a pony Pumpkin who I try to work on Saturdays and Sunday's as I don't have enough time to work him other days. Neither of the two horses get worked on Mondays or Tuesdays as I am busy with other things. Also how long do you brush your horses before and after your rides. I understand that it will be differant for the ammount of dirt your horse has on it and the amount of time you have ridden. Also how long would you suggest for working a horse in training how long in the saddle and how long lunging?
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    I have two horses .. both coming back into work.

    I try to work both horses on the same day .. if I have my sister come out, we usually work one horse each (at the moment just ground work and lunging/long lining). If I'm alone - I usually ride one, and lunge the other (when they're fit - atm both being long lined).

    Brushing - as long as it takes. They get a good groom head to toe, feet picked out, etc.. before work. Then a quick groom over the saddle area/girth if it's raining, other wise a light all over brush. Sometimes I massage before work .. this helps get any loose hairs out :D

    I'm loving long lining - check out Smashs' video if you haven't already. Jed loves it - and works really well, where as Hon is still getting used to the idea of being able to change direction while on the lunge :) At the moment they are doing about 5-8 mins or so walking, changing rein, little bits of trot, etc, and we'll work our way up to about 10-15 mins.
    I'm really liking this long lining - and will prob use it as part of my warmup/cool down.

    Hope this helped.
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    Yeah thanks it helped alot. Any other suggestions would be great exspechilly on how to keep a horse that can't be ridden yet or only ridden little unbored.
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    When im really really REALLY good ill work both of mine, sat, sun and monday ( as i dont work on mons) then harry gets worked tues and thurs, lala will get worked wed and frid. so they both end up with 2 days off
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    Well my mare cannot be ridden atm (we're both a bit chunky for eachother LOL) .. I've found long lining to keep her interested. She enjoys the challenge of finding her own balance and using herself .. She really stretches out and takes the rein doing this .. much better than 'normal' lunging.

    We're also working a lot on our ground work, dusting off a few cobwebs, challenging ourselves. We're really working on body language - and she picks this up very well and responds, unlike Jed who I find just drifts off into his own world :rolleyes: We go for walks out in the bush (inhand), lunging over various terrain (flat, slight hill) and inhand over various things - tarp, water, logs, cones, etc .. Get her using her mind also.

    I'd pony her off Jed, however, she just charges out infront .. which makes things a bit more difficult :p

    Hope this gives you some ideas :)
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    i have two riding horses in separate agistment (one is the "cheap" horse!) and basically, my "cheap" horse gets ridden only 2x a week & my big riding horse 4-5 times a week (or less if it's raining!). my big horse is clipped which has DRAMATICALLY cut down grooming time (love it!). when he was a fluffernutter i would hose/sponge, towel dry, then leave him with a cotton/polar fleece etc on whilst i did other chores & then i'd feed him. probably about 30mins after hosing down.

    as for work, i would ride him until he sweated big & got "soft". now it's just till he feels soft & is working the way i want. once he's going properly i potter about with some skillz (or try to!) and then finish off. i usually try to make a ride last about 40-60 minutes. when schooling i focus on softness & compliance via transitions, plus we are really starting to work on our lateral stuff (with help of instructor). every now and then we have a bit of a burn & practice some jumps or novelties etc.
    i don't really lunge because of agistment restrictions (we HAVE to lunge in thr round yard, which i don't like if i want to 'school' on the lunge and not just burn off energy or do join up etc), plus i LIKE riding and i like to work on myself a lot. sometimes if i just can't be bothered we will do some round yard work (not lunging) or play the 7 games in the arena.
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    Thanks. That helped alot. I would love to know some idea's of what people do with horses in training that arn't up to the riding stage yet.

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