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    Boots/ no boots. Electric fence/ no electric fence. There are pros and cons for absolutely everything we do for our horses.

    Personally any of my horses that tend to run around in the paddock go out with sheepskin paddock boots on. Had two severe tendons playing in paddocks and jumping on themselves. Both were destroyed. I am yet to have a horse injured while wearing paddock boots. Obviously over-heating is a concern, but it is unusual for our horses to be out for extended periods of time. And if they live in the paddock full time, they don't wear boots. As for work it depends on the horse. Majority of horses don't wear boots. Couple wear bell boots. I am yet to come across that hurt itself solely due to having boots on.

    Our paddocks have electric stand offs. Have had a couple get hurt on this. Mare struck and put her front leg over it, ripping open under her foreleg. Very nasty injury that took 6 months to heal up. Found two tangled in it in the morning. Looks like they rolled on it, getting caught in it. Never nice to find your horse with electric fence wrapped around its head! Neither horses had significant injuries. Had another pierce his nostril with the conductor. I still have no idea how he managed that.

    But I do think that electric fences are generally a good idea. Certainly saves wrecked fences with horses fighting through them. But aren't always necessary depending on what the fencing is like.
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    Mine is :
    Harrison Howard - Paddock boots in the winter to keep my boy's legs warm
    Gracie - Bell boots for travelling

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