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  1. I hope this will be useful to everyone :) Here's a formula for working out horse's weights in case you can't pack up horse and float and go to a weigh bridge...

    Girth measurement squared x Length and then divide by 11,877 EQUALS your horse’s estimated weight in kilos

    Here's a pic to guide you where to measure from.

    I don't know what happened to the worming thread as I can only assume that something 'inappropriate' happened and it was nuked (or Im going blind) so I thought I'd just repost the formula in case it helps anyone.
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  2. robbing'charisma

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    G cm X L cm X 75= weight in kg's.
    Daily food intake is 2.5 divide 100 X weight....

    G means girth
    L means length

    This is another way to find out the weight of your horse:p
    Sorry to add this to your thread, i find this method easier to calculate:D
  3. Boo's Eclipse

    Boo's Eclipse Well-known Member

    I have found that the conventional weight tape is pretty acurate too.
    Available from Horseland for under $10
  4. deschuur

    deschuur Gold Member

    Lol that is my method too:D

    Formula, mathmatics :eek::eek: I was out in the paddock with my horse when I was in math classes*#)
  5. Yeah me too, invested in a weight tape myself ;)
  6. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Yup, the tapes are pretty close...

    my little tacker comes up as 586kg on a tape...and was only 613kg on the i'd say thats a reasonable margin of error...;)
  7. Presenting to Win

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    Saddleworld in Maddington are giving away weight tapes if you buy two horse wormers.. Yeah something for Free!!!:D
  8. Has anyone compared the formula to the tape yet to see which came up more accurate? I haven't, I really ought to do it as I've done the formula but haven't tried the tape yet. (really need to borrow float & find a weigh-bridge!)
  9. wormwatch

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    Yes - researchers have compared different tapes and length-girth formulae with weigh-bridge recorded weights. The accuracy of the tape (or length-girth formulae) varies between tapes and horse size. PSO's experience of a 4.4% underestimation with a tape is not uncommon.

    I summarised some of these results in the winter issue of the Worm Watch newsletter. Anyone interested can send me their e-mail address and I'll send them a copy of the newsletter.
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  10. Boo's Eclipse

    Boo's Eclipse Well-known Member

    I have found the tape to be very accurate (I use Equimax brand) & yes I have compared to scale weights.
    Have only found that is is not entirely acurate with ponies (12 - 14 hands) & odd shaped horses or those with a particularly high wither. But I have found it to be slightly more accurate than the l/g formula on horses, & the l/g formula more accurate for ponies.
    Just my personal experience.

    I would like a copy of that newsletter but worm watch & have pm'd you!
  11. Mocha

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    The tape was 50kg's out for Bear. :confused:

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