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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Phoebepony, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Cheers for clearing me up on that :)
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    Hi pheobepony so im not sure if this would work in your situation but my old eventing mare (who is a tb) used to get incredibly tense when it came to dressage so to help her i used to pre ride her 4 times before the final warm up for my actual test. The aim wasnt to wear her out because she was very fit but to simply familirise her with the area.

    All i did was work her in the warm up area until she relaxed and then she was put away. each time she went out for a pre ride she was worked until she relaxed and was listening. the pre rides got shorter as it became routine.

    so again im not sure if this will help in your situation but maybe its an alternative to keep in mind :)

    best of luck with your boy. i hope in the end your patience and dedication will be rewarded
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    I would just like to say, I am the previous owner of the horse in question!
    Well done to everyone who has given helpful advise without being judgementle as to why he was sold in the first place**)

    I would just like to clear a few things up.
    His price reflected the fact that- 1, the market is shocking at the moment &
    2, he has sat out in the paddock for the last 2 years due to personal reasons! I also dont have the same interest or motivation in showing anymore.

    Yes I purchased him from over east but it was not from a well known showie, it was his previous owner who is very well known. And no I wasnt told that he needed working down at shows, even though I asked the question many times! My bad luck I guess.

    Some of you should be a little more careful about what you post, before jumping to conclusions as the person you are posting about might just be reading it!

    I have been nothing but open & honest with Phoebepony as she stated & wish her the best of luck with him:)*
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