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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by jymtr, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. jymtr

    jymtr New Member

    Hi there,
    My horse has started chewing the wood posts and its driving me insane. He has never done it before :confused: and his feed hasn't changed in anyway 2 hard feeds and 2 hays a day, plus He is on a grass paddock. I've try that crib paste, chilli paste and it didn't help, and once the rain come washed straight off .
    Does anyone have any advice please?
  2. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    Last year my horses started eating their way out of my paddocks! Its such an annoying habit and they are so not sneaky about trying to it the wood which annoys me so much but i tried everything. Crib stop, chilli pasts, smearing their own poo on the fence, Quitt (wood chewing supplement) but in the end electrifying was the only thing that worked. They have since started to chew the upright posts :( and sometimes still go for the ones with the electric on them...nothing is quite as satisfying as seeing them accidently touch the fence :)
  3. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

    we wrapped our posts in chicken wire,nothing else stopped them...';'
  4. domingo

    domingo Active Member

    same here, tried everything, including sump oil, vicks vaporoup (sp?) and rubbing pieces of soap over the wood. Nothing stops them but electrifying or chicken wire around the wood.
  5. Coda Cowgirl

    Coda Cowgirl Well-known Member

    ive been told to smear dog poop all over the fences! yuck but apparently it really works!
  6. Pinkie_Pie

    Pinkie_Pie Well-known Member

    I'm wondering if it has something to do with the hay from this season. Our horses weren't too bad with cribbing/eating posts, trees, whatever wood they could get their teeth into, but then when we got the new seasons hay they went to town. On of them has nearly chewed through the posts in his stall. Chilli paste has sort of slowed them down but one of them likes it and licks it off ';' Crazy pony!
  7. Pinkie_Pie

    Pinkie_Pie Well-known Member

    Tasty! But I won't be doing that as I tie the horses up to the posts that they like to chew the most. (It's convinient to have them tied there :p )
  8. Fezzie

    Fezzie Guest

    I have found that my horse (Fezzie) only really does it when the neigbours get a horse that does it ';'

    I'm almost convinced it's a learned thing :confused:

    Has any new horse come along?

    I also tried chilli when one of the neigbour's horses almost chewed the post right through - he LOVED it! *#) I think it's only hot for the first day or so, then the sun takes the heat out and it becomes sweet :confused:
  9. tammyprez

    tammyprez Well-known Member

    It is a learnt habbit! We put some black stuff on our poles that lasted about a month of rain till it went out and it definately slowed our chewers down heaps... although i cant remember what the stuff was
  10. Marlee

    Marlee Well-known Member

    My Tb does it when the wood is wet, he has now taught my SB mare and she is eating her way through her yard which is made of pine poles. I have tried most things and nothing works. I was told to try cheap shampoo, not tried it yet, but wonder if it goes all foamy when it rains lol!!! Mine don't seem to do it much in the summer time, pine poles seem to be more tasty when they are wet. With them and my goats ramming the posts over, there is no hope for my place. ;(
  11. erilyn

    erilyn Well-known Member

    I agree with the learned habit bit - mine never did it, until we got one on the property that chewed. Now every rail or post is at risk....even those electrified - they manage to chew between the hot wires!
  12. Macalli

    Macalli New Member

    we have post and rail fencing and my two horses just love to rip strips off the fence. Its really destructive and makes the fence look a bit funny! I think they must of learned it from other horses and clinics or lessons...??
  13. Late Starter

    Late Starter Well-known Member

    Benny never used to do it either and will now chomp on the wood railings whenever he gets a chance and so do a few other horses on the agistment property. I've spoken to a couple of friends who also have horses and for some reason theirs have started doing it too. Darn annoying and not good for the posts :p.

    Would love to know how to stop them too.
  14. uno

    uno Active Member

    Totally agree . only chicken wire will stop them
    All mine do it, 24/7 hay ,vit blocks in all troughs 2 feeds aday and still they do it , must just taste good.
    Chicken wire/netting with really small holes is the only sure fire way of stopping your poles from being eaten.:))

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