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  1. jamk9gg

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    trying to get filly to move forward of pressure on the lunge but she spins and goes back i have tried very small circles to keep her attentive and have used end of lunge to encourage forward movement but she flattens her ears spins in and reverses with the odd lash out from the back legs i would appreciate advice to help with this excercise**)
  2. Shmoo

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    Firstly she is being very disrespectful by showing you her bum and also exhibiting the next step wanting to kick your head in and tell you to go away.

    Rather then write a novel I will recommend the following links.
    I would establish the seven games to get her to respect you on the ground so she gets some manners.
    Pat Parelli 7 Games
    Once that is done, you will have more control and then you need to make sure that she shows you her face and not her bum:
    Horse Problems on fixing the ignorant lunging horse

    Good Luck!:))
  3. Kiwigirl

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    I had a friend who had a horse that would do the same as your girl, she scared them so much that they wouldn't lunge her again (so she won and got what she wanted) I stepped in and lunged her, she tried the same thing, but when she started to spin and play her games, I tried to block her (driving her forward with the whip - I never hit her) or if I was a fraction too late I stoped her and turned her around and sent her on again, I actually kept driving her forward until she deceided that listening and being respectful was a better option than playing up. Now the horse can be lunged by my friend (who was 12 at the time) with no problems at all.

    If she is waving feet around I would drive her forward (if you have to tap her with the whip then so be it) and wouldn't let her stop until she changes her mind about being rude.

    This has worked for me in the past, may not work for you and your horse but then that is life really ;)
  4. jamk9gg

    jamk9gg New Member

    thanks for this is, is it best done in round yard on a lunge rope or free, she also kicks out at the whip or anything that she is touched with:D
  5. beagle

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    I agree with Schmoo on the links to go to - i reckon Horse problems is one of the best advice columns I've come across,however his advice paragraphically speaking is rather jumbled.Jon O'Leary & wife Linda an excellent team - when they came to Perth in July they held an excellent clinic.
    Yep the filly is being super rude & likes to say "up yours" in horse language by kicking out.if she kicks out at lunge whip,all the more reason to give her another firmer tap.But saftey first so learn the 7 games by Parelli but advance by being firmer & more assertive yourself.
  6. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    I didn't have a round yard, so I did it on the lunge line, but it would work in a round yard.
  7. Gaia

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    You also have alot of good advice in the thread you started in "Horse Training" :)
    ETA - if she is kicking out at the whip you need to establish with her that it is an extension of your arm and NOT a punishing tool!
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