Wont canter on right leg!

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by JuSt Me, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. AutumnAffair

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    Also - i dont know if anyone has said this already.

    When asking for canter your inside leg should be on the girth and the outside leg just behind. Dont just kick away and hope that he will go on the right leg because he wont! (This is how we are taught at pony club, aswell as having the flexion/bend/weight/controle bits correct aswell.

    How long have you been riding for? Is there a way you could borrow a friends horse that does go on the right leg when you ask properly so you can get the feel for it??

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  2. Kasia

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    No guys, i wasn't angry at you. I know i said flexion was bend, as i re-read what i wrote. I never said 'flex' around your inside leg though [​IMG]
    Denny, your explanation was excellent.
  3. Jay

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    I use to have that problem with an old horse I use to ride. I tried what sparrow said about turning their heads quikckly one way and this puts them off balance so they have to pick up the right canter leg. This worked but it is not good when you do want to 'bend' and 'flex' and all that kind of stuff.

    One time when my friend came down to watch me ride she helped me with this problem. She put a pole on the ground and told me to ask for a canter just before the pole.I was just on a 20 metre circle and it worked really well. I don't have a clue how it works but it works everytime for me. It also stopped him from rushing into a canter.
    I understand that you can't afford lessons, I am in the same boat! But i would give this a try, it might not work for you but it did for me!!!
    Good luck!
  4. Erika Roberts

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    how i tought my tb gelding to canter on the right leg was to put the outside leg back and the inside on the girth, squeez and lean to the inside. my horse soon learnt to canter on the right leg

  5. Hunza

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    hey just me can i ask a little about chester he wouldnt happen to be a chestnut pony would he?
    cheers jess
  6. deb012

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    Hi, my mum's a trainer and this is the method we se when starting young, green horses.
    For example, if you wanted to get the left leg, trot around to the left and then do a tight circle to the right, tapping with your right heel back to get his hip out and when his hip is out ask him to canter to the left. If he doesn't get it try again.Don't worry about bend to much untill he gets the hang of leads.
    Best of luck- luckygal

  7. Denny

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    Hiya Luckygal - Welcome to Stockyard!!!

    Love the photo of your pally - and LOVE the look of your indoor!!!!!!!

    Tell us a bit about yourself!!

    " Make each day count"
  8. deb012

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    Hi Denny!
    My name is Daphne and my horse's name is Dahmac Lucky Country. He was broken in and trained by ian Frances, and now he's a western pleasure horse. The indoor arena is the RDA arena at Burpengary, QLD. (just south of Bris). I've been doing western since I was 7 and I'm now 12.
    Thanks for your welcome- it's nice to be here!

  9. Masquerade

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    Ok, Justme
    Are you giving the right canter aids? I've been taught two ways to ask for the canter, One of them is where you put your outside leg back and inside leg on the girth. I don't find this as effective as the other way I've been taught which is to sit put your outside leg on and put a little pressure on the inside rein. Only once has the horse I ride ever cantered on the wrong lead and that was because I gave him the wrong aids.
    Have you tried lunging your horse to see if his problem is under saddle or just all the time? Try getting him on the right leg on the lunge a few times and go from there.
  10. Chardy

    Chardy New Member

    Well if you cant afford lessons you should try cantering in a circle both ways so that he knows wich way to go and will start cantering on the wright leg cause i do that with my horse and she started cantering on the wright leg so try that

  11. montygirl

    montygirl Well-known Member

    Chardy, this is over a year old

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