Wongan Hills Ratbags!!!

Discussion in 'News Items' started by Firedance, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. Firedance

    Firedance Well-known Member

    #(A hilltop near the Wheatbelt town of Wongan Hills will become the site for one of the State’s most spectacular Easter celebrations as a huge cross made of hay bales is set alight on Friday night.

    Members of the local Anglican parish and volunteers spent the weekend laying out a cross measuring 1.8km by 1.1km, made from more than 400 donated hay bales, in the middle of a bare paddock.

    In addition to the usual town church services, there will be a Good Friday observance on top of Mt O’Brien in a sunset service overlooking the paddock, followed by the burning of the cross.

    Wongan Hills non-stipendiary Anglican priest the Rev. Kathy Barrett-Lennard said she expected more than 300 people for the outdoor service. A neighbouring town had already organised a busload of visitors and she had also received inquiries from people wanting to travel from Perth to view the night-time scene.

    Farmers must be doing it really tough up there at Wongan Hills!!! No our rescue centres don't need the hay at all!! Burn it! It's only 400 bales!!!
    During my drives around I have seen horses who look like toast racks in riding establishments who could do with this!! Makes me sick#(
  2. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    Perhaps people should get there facts correct before they judge

    You see they have huge amounts of Barley Straw in Wongan Hills in massive stacks a lot has been there for a while as you wouldn't want to feed that to your starving horses would you, mind you they would eat it.

    You are very much into this jumping on toes sort of post Firedance#(have you got nothing else to do:( and by the way Wongan Hills is my shopping town and by the way I won't be going.

    Happy Easter:)
  3. Firedance

    Firedance Well-known Member

    Oh you are one of them!! Channel 9 news reported HAY - and farmers donating HAY from far and wide.

    You betcha Geejay - I'll jump on toes! I am sick of driving past horses who look like toast racks around the place!!

  4. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    You obviously do not know Geejay or you would not have made a comment like that firedance.
    A reporter might have reported HAy because anything in a bale is HAy to them.
    If they reported 400 bales of old, slightly mouldy, not fit for animal consumption but probably ok for mulch STRAW, it probably wouldn't have got the desired result.
    Most reporters probably can't tell the difference.
    Chances are if they fed the crap they are burning to horses they would get colic & die...... then you wouldn't have to look at those toast racks then would you
  5. purplepony

    purplepony Active Member

    Just because channel 9 says its "Hay" doesn't mean it's hay. To most city people all bales look like "Hay" and they don't know any better. Journalists are LAZY, and they are there to sell the progamme and advertsing space, not report accurate news (did anyone watch Media Watch this week- the West Australian got SLAMMED for false reporting).

    I would believe the local over the journo anyday.

    As an aside, I really do wish more people would "actively" read/watch news reports and articles. Asking why, from what point of view, how is the story constructed, for what agenda...
  6. Firedance

    Firedance Well-known Member

    Comments like that will see you sitting in the sin bin if you keep it up.
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  7. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Well I wouldn't feed crap in the first place. My horses are well looked after, so I don't have an issue ......you it seems do.
    If you have such a problem looking at the horses then A. do something helpful or B. dont look
    Making ill informed judgements & then slinging off at people gets you no where other than getting people PO at you.
    Personally .... I neither know nor want to know you so your ill informed opinions of me are irrelavant LMAO :).
  8. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Wow, are we not sufffering from drought like conditions and do we not have burning restrictions in place ?
    What a waste I say. I couldn't give a toss if is it only barley straw.
    With the current climate there is hungry stock everywhere. Surely those 400 bales would've been better donated to a farmer somewhere to feed his cattle, sheep....or even goats.
    Hope the firies up that way aren't busy tonight #(

    ETA: Pea straw. Hmm not so good as fodder.
    But can they drop some bales by mum's place ? Costs her a small fortune paying $10 bucks a bale for the stuff to add to her vegie garden :)
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  9. Knock off the bickering... how was Firedance supposed to know that it was mouldy straw if the news reported it as hay and didn't clearly show it? Please don't make differing opinions personal guys.
  10. Firedance

    Firedance Well-known Member

    Well here is the knee slapper! 70 bales of hay are going up tonight! The other is pea straw. Fellow stockie who lives up that way said she saw what I saw - hay!

    Nah, stick to my opinions about this mob.
  11. seedytoe

    seedytoe Well-known Member

    I heard that news item and i also heard them say that the hay was unfit for stock feed....did i imagine that? perhaps I must have as no one else seemed to have heard it.
    I am lucky enough to have ponies that are not sufficiently hungry to eat the meadow hay i pay nearly $10 a bale for that is obviously not palatable enough for them. maybe I should have donated that to the burning cross.
  12. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    I am sure you did hear that seedytoe ..... maybe some people choose not to hear that. I think its called selective hearing LOL which is why they run off half cocked so they can feel justified doing a bit of name calling ....whatever floats your boat LOL
    I wouldn't donate your hay yet though ......maybe when the weather cools down a bit you ponies will be happy to eat your hay, even if its just to keep warm LOL :)
  13. Satorii Lodge

    Satorii Lodge Well-known Member

    sounds like a very pagan sort of ritual to me lol and as easter is a fertility rite of the old ways well hmmmm

    either that or clu clux clan heheh
  14. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    Not sure when you say I am one of them I am not religious if that’s what you mean, as for the rest all I can say is you are a shit stirrer.

    Perhaps the people who have starving horses need their heads banged together.

    I see lots of things everyday that would make your blood boil all at the hands of cruel idiots who come out of the city on a rampage shooting their bow and arrows, shot guns at anything that moves on 4 legs such heroes.

    Why don’t you jump up and down at all the wasted food that gets dumped because we prefer to buy imported crap.

    Have a nice day:}
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