Women only - Implanon vs Depo provera

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Serenity, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Serenity

    Serenity Well-known Member

    I am interested in hearing what people think of either method of contraception - implanon or depo provera.

    I am looking to change and have heard mixed reports so keen to hear some more opinions....

    Thanks in advance:)
  2. Belladonna

    Belladonna Well-known Member

    Well, I have tried both Depo injections and Implanon, and currently I am back on the pill. I have always had to have a fairly strong contaceptive no matter what I use, and Depo was OK, but being on a cattle station in the sticks at the time, it was not always convenient to get to town for the next shot at the appropriate time. So, I went and got the Implanon, and for 6 months or so it was absolutely fantastic without any side effects whatsoever. After that, I started to get breakthrough bleeding, and in the end I bled nonstop for near on 6 months. THIS SUX!!! However, there is a good chance that this is due at least partly to the fact that at the time I had undiagnosed cervical cancer (thankfully it was caught very early). Slightly off topic, I was only 21 at the time, so girls, dont think it can't happen just because you are young. As bloody horrible as they are, HAVE REGULAR PAP SMEARS. THEY MAY JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE. I had the Implanon removed, and after surgery for the cancer, I went back onto the pill and it has been fine ever since. This probably sounds like a bit of a ramble, sorry, but if your periods are fairly normal, most people dont seem to have too much dramas with either form of contraceptive. But if your periods are quite irregular or you have a tendency to breakthrough bleeding, they seem to be less successful. All said though, see a trusted doctor and talk it through. Hope you might get something out of all this :)
  3. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Ive used Implanon for the last 7 years am currently on my fourth implant.

    They have changed how and when they put it in. When I had my first one put in they just shoved it in after I gave birth to my daughter not too much of a drama a bit of bruising then didnt even notice it was there :) the first one was the best one NO period!!!!! which meant swimming horses and doing what I liked when I liked. I did notice it was harder to loose the post baby fat though.

    First implant came to its life span and had a second put in then had the second removed under a safety by law where I was working. but again had no probs with this one.

    Left that job had third implant inserted. about a year into it had some pain that the doctors couldnt figure out so they removed the implant as a removing possible causes procedure and I fell pregnant with my son 2 weeks later! bugga! well really hes cute but oh my god there goes my free ride time!

    have now had my fourth implant in for 7 months had some light bleeding last month but nothing terrrible two weeks worth gp put me on hrt tablets for a week and it cleared up straight away not been a problem since.

    All in all I loose weight faster without an implant and I really need to drink more water with one in but the freedom it gives me without period pain cramps etc not being able to swim with the kids its worth it! not to mention the monthly savings on not having to purchase those essentials.

    They now like to insert them when you are on the last few days of a period which I think is a pain in the but god knows you dont want anyone prodding you when your in agony! but aparently this stops allot of the light problems I have heard of other friends having pertaining to spotting.

    Given my high fertility rate its the only thing I trust :)

    Had Depo injection once and was majorly bloated from it had a really painfull period and never had a nother one implanon all the way :D
  4. Im on the pill at the moment and am looking at getting the implanon just to make things easier as i kind of accidently forget to take my pill ALOT!

    have heard alot of horror stories about implanon but quite a few good stories too.. :)

    whats depo provera??? :)
  5. brumby_78

    brumby_78 Guest

    I have had both

    i had the Depo 6wks after having my first child (only had one shot i really hate needles) then had the second shot when i had my second child (also one shot only) and i have never had a normal period and im very bad with remembing to take tablets so i thought i would give Implanon a go and it was WONDERFUL i had it in for almost 3yrs and the ex and i thought we would try for another baby, so had it taken out. Didn't fall preggers, broke up with Ex (cheating ahole) moved to perth, got the Implanon back in and well i bleedthrough NON STOP so i was then also put on Loette (mini pill) to control the bleedthrough and that worked

    but i got sick of being on the pill + implanon so i got it taken out and stopped the pill

    and then i also had the Depo after i had last baby (08)

    hopefully after this baby OH is getting the snip so i don't have to worry about the pill or implanon or Depo... i would just say try the implanon and see how that works

    everyone will react diffrently to all the birth control, you just have to find what suits YOU the best :)

    best of luck

    Aly - Depo is a birth controll Needle that you have every 3mths, next time your at ys Dr's ask about it and see if it suits you :)
  6. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    I'm on my 4th Implanon too and LOVE it!! I don't get a period apart from very occasional spotting for a day or so a couple of times a year and haven't noticed any side affects at all:)) Guess you just have to try it and see if it works for you...

    KINGSBONES Active Member

    #( to implanon, I had it put in after bubba number 2 and after 2 days it poped out of where it was meant to be and started poking out of my arm YUK!! very painful couldnt use my arm very well because of how it had popped out and because of where it was they had to slice my arm open to get it out!!!! 5 stitches later and absolutly no way was i getting done again!!!! Back on the pill fom me
  8. Waler

    Waler New Member

    Been on Depo for a long while now, best thing ever!!
    No periods ya
    Only thing I would suggest is not to get the generic brand, had it once seemed to burn when she injected it and relly hurt after
    Normal depo leaves a render spot for about a day.
    Try it you never know
  9. Toyz

    Toyz Well-known Member

    I to had the depo for awhile when i was 17/18 and i got cervical cancer (which was caught early to) but i would never have the depo again!#( it does warn you that your more likely to get cervical cancer being on the depo tho......

    Few of my friends have had the implanon and only had problems from day dot:confused: so i dunno i wouldn't get any of them two but thats just me:)
  10. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    I have been on Depo for almost 19 years now, and I have no complaints, no periods, spotting occassionally, but I am on it to control and keep my hormones levels even, otherwise I am not a very sane person with out the Depo.

    I cant comment on Implanon as i have never used it.
  11. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    do some research.
    Depo has some pretty significant possible side effects. My concern with this one is that if it makes you depressed it takes 3 months to wear off.

    If you are having trouble with an implant you can get it removed.
    good luck finding what works for you.,
  12. Serenity

    Serenity Well-known Member

    Thanks everyone you have all been most helpful! :)

    Sugar's Mum - that is what I was thinking too as i have read up on both types and that seemed to have more side effects and yes having to wait 3 months to wear off is not good if thing are not going so well.

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