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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by equus, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. equus

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    Had the dentist out the other day. Quite amusing watching my mini get his wolf tooth out. It was a bit of a squeeze for the vet to get into it. I might try and get some photos off the vet to post. It also turns out my 9yo SB has some large wolf teeth. I've always ridden in a halter or bitless so I never checked but I was told when she was broken to saddle she was also broken to bit :confused: . I wonder if she was and if the ppl who broke her didn't check. Oh well she can't have them taken out til she foals in Nov anyhow. Anyway just wondering how long it take for wolf teeth to finish coming through and whether there are any reasons other than bit breaking for getting them removed?
  2. Roe

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    My ex races horse had her wolf teeth still in she is a 5 year old and raced with them in had them removed in December.

    Millie is 7 and she too had her wolf teeth. I don't know there history so I have no idea why they where not removed earlier or if they had but both where being ridden with bits in and were doing fine but they have done a lot better with out them.:)
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    I would not worry about wolfs teeth if you ride her in a bitless bridel. :) Sometimes those w teeth hang in their forever, you can't even see them, just feel them and they react with the bit and make the horse sore.
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    Woolf teeth come through around nine months of age so should be taken out the first time the horse gets it's teeth done,many arn't though for whatever reason or the are just missed by the "dentist"

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