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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Lauren, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Remaani

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    Well i've always been told & read on many a forum, there is NO need to feed more than 1 metric cup a day & i'll stick to that info - for the health of my horses.
    I'm just lucky mine don't need much at all....
  2. carol51

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    i was told by a proffeser and a lot of horse breeders if you dont feed lucerne then your horse cannot process calcium.
    my horses have no problem with it i have never heard it heated horses up till these posts
  3. blitzen

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    mate, she looks mintox in the other pics you've posted. looking wonderful on the lunge! what a good girl! it's so pleasing to see you want to do best by your horse.

    i agree - she just needs muscling up & i wouldn't be racing out to buy a range of supplements. just continue on with the good work & reassess how she's going once she's back in full work.
  4. citygirl

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    ditto...& I was told dont feed it as a permanent feed, only feed for a couple of months or until horse has reached the wieght you want & stop.

    carol51 @) I've only known 1 horse who 'reacted" to Lucerne, one of my sisters, he wasnt a nice person to be around, and after taking him off lucerne, he was an easier horse to work with.

  5. BugEye

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    Step back and think about it Remaani. Will state the facts on FFS

    Digestible energy (MJ/kg) 13.1
    Crude Protein (g/kg) 445
    Fibre (%) 6.2
    Fat (%) 1.4
    Lysine (g/kg) 28.7
    Calcium (g/kg) 3.6
    Density 150g/cup

    All this is from the memory

    So 10% of bulk feed = total feed 4kg means total FFS to be feed not to exceed 400g.

    Lysine is needed for the growth of healthy bones in young horses (foals). FFS has the highest Lysine properties of any feed, so is ideally suited to be fed to young stock.
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  6. Animosity

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    I think she is looking great lauren!

    Photos can be very deceptive and i think these ones are a great example of that. I can understand how a heavy belly could bring the back down more.. So just take it slowly when bringing her back into work and i think you will be fine! You were doing a great job with her before the spell, so dont change a thing. Especially becuase you are seeing improovements already!

    Can certainly tell you love this horse and want only the best for her **)
  7. chocollo

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    Lauren, she looks well loved and cared for.:)) I think that if you can do regular lunge work like that in the pics her condition will improve.

    You say she was on spell for 3 months. Can I ask how big her paddock was in metres squared?? Did she go out into a big paddock with other horses to spell? Or was she in a small paddock on her own and not motivated to move around alot?

    I think getting someone like equestricare to see her and give you some techniques to go on with is a really good idea. Also to ensure she gets any issues sorted so she can build those muscles up again. :D
  8. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Thanks for the kind comments guys.
    Love this horse SO much.

    My computer is being stupid so I'm having to view stockies from my phone so can't upload the ridden photos I got the other day..

    Unfortunately she was only in a small paddock :( Wouldn't have a clue on the size I'll try and measure it tonight.. she was going to go down south but unfortunately we just didn't get around to it.. Her paddock isn't tiny but it isn't huge..
  9. Lauren

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  10. Troppo

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    thats interesting? I haven't fed lucerne for a long time. Lots of people in the tropics don't as their horses get heated up too much (as in the body heats up too much trying to digest it), and it seems to add to the effects of Qld itch, rain scald and especially anhydrosis. It sucks cos lucerne is such a great feed!

    I used to feed my TB mare with lucerne and she would stand in her stable and puff like crazy. When I took lucerne away from her ration it helped a great deal. This was the only change.

    I don't think it affects the processing of calcium in the body - otherwise all our horses would be breaking bones left and right! I supplement accordingly to make up what I can't feed in lucerne
  11. Ponies4Me

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    LOVE the water splashing photo in the second lot of pics :D

    She's an oldie, but a goodie, so use it or lose it **) **)

    Simple fact of life that the older ones lose it all faster and take longer to get it all back again.

    The second lot of photos (more recent?) don't make her look nearly as bad as the first lot.

    She looks like a happy camper in those shots to me :)))

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