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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Lauren, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. ZaZa

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    Whoops, best correct what I wrote ...... it's Muscle XL that contains a good % of whey powder not Topon My bad *#)
    Muscle XL is the product I was actually thinking might be beneficial but was having a brain fart.
    Save yourself some $$ Lauren and try the whey powder first instead of buying a commercially mixed product.
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  2. Jessie_13

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    My boys behaivour changes dramatically on lucerne...not heating as such...just...."naughty" like a kid on sugar, he can't concentrate...its weird..my old boy was the same, took him off it and different horse, just didn't agree with him...My instructor also refuses to use it, as she believes it to be the wrong type of protein for horses, but each to there own..

    I don't think you need to change much, if anything in your diet, it seems balanced and enough for her...I think its just a matter of work...This is why I don't believe in "spelling" for a "holiday", its like an elite athlete all of a sudden stopping training completely and then wondering why they start to get fat! She has dropped muscle, that is all...A bowen treatment and some correct work and she will be back to how she was...
  3. Meischa

    Meischa New Member

    Unfortunately I too have a mare like this.

    The more weight she puts on the more her back drops. Their tummy drag on the spine as it gets fatter and relaxes. (You did say she'd been spelled for 3 months and had put on 60 kg ?) I think they pull themselves up and hold their muscles tighter when they're being worked, which may also be why it's more noticeable at the moment.

    My mare wasn't that bad, but was pretty bad, when I bought her at 7 years old. It does look like Bessy's does at present :( I think she must have had an accident when she was younger to cause it. I know her whole line (sire, grandsire, dam. siblings and half-siblings) and none of the others have/had it.

    She's now had 5 foals and it's looks awful at present (will wean this foal soon) - due to the weight of her pregnant tummy. This will be her last foal as it does give her pain at times, I'm sure. It'd have to.

    Good luck with Bess, plenty of people have given you good advice on feeding etc.
  4. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    To be honest, i don't think it's all that bad. She's an old horse. She has a sway back to start with. She's been out of work.
    With being out of work, and not using herself, off course they all get a bit of a tummy, and loose topline. The reason this is so pronounced for her, is not because her spine is breaking, or anything, lol. It's simply because she has a sway back. That's her conformation, and there isn't anything you can do about it.
    The only way for her to be in the condition in the 1st pics, and stay that way, is to be in work all the time, and never have a spell, where her muscles aren't used.
    It really isn't that bad, and you have nothing to feel bad about. That's just the way she's built, so it'll show up more.
    When she goes back into work, i would, as others have said, start by lunging until she has built up a little and has a bit more strenght. Then just get on and ride :)
  5. BugEye

    BugEye Active Member

    oaten is very handy as a filler as it contains bulk and fills them up making them less prone to eat. Good for fat horses, not so good for horses needing weight gain.

    Try lucerne chaff instead and feeding 3 feeds a day if possible.

    the simplier the feed to easier to manage. If it was me I would be feeding

    6kg lucerne chaff day
    2-4kg oats a day
    Lucerne hay but oaten will suffice if lucerne not available (but lucerne is best)
    1kg of Equi-jewel day (for first month) then 500gm day
    500gm FFS meal day.
    Salt to encourage water uptake.

    This is what I would feed and reccommend it would work wonders. Others will say feed "complete" feeds but they can become expensive in comparison if feeding at recommended doses.

    Food for thought anyway LOL
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  6. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    I think the oats would blow her mind.
    She can get very very hot on feeds high in protein.
    I put her on one pellet and she went from a quiet safe and calm horse, to horse who was drenched in sweat just from being so nervous, who would run backwards (and not care what she was running into etc), would spook at her own shaddow.. cut the pellets and within 2 weeks was back to normal.. some foods just don't agree with her. She already gets salt.

    What is Equi-Jewel?
  7. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    I don't actually think she's skinny..
    I think her sway back makes all her weight tend to stick to the bottom of her belly..

    Here's some photos that have all been taken in the last 2 weeks or less.. different angles..




    Her neck is extremely cresty and wobbles when I touch it :p

    I do agree with upping the protein though as she's coming back into work.
  8. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Equijewel is a high fat, stabilized rice bran product.
    A good fattener and one that Murdoch recommended we use when we had a horse recoveryiing for a colic surgery. I used it to fatten up my T/B too without it heating her up.

    EQUI-JEWEL - Kentucky Equine Research

    I agree with you though. She's not skinny, just has a sway back and needs some muscle.
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  9. brumby_78

    brumby_78 Guest

    wow lauren your mare looks sooooo much like my mare :)

    when i had to fatten my TB i used rice bran :) it did wonders for him also used whey powder, chaff, sweet bulk and cool kind pellets, thats it really...
  10. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    see in this pic...her back doesnt look as bad.... long and low work on the lung will help her to use her back / top muscle more, so she doesnt look as swayed. **)
    She has lost that extra "fat" around her withers & hips -BUT thats not a bad thing, thats a good thing. **)

  11. Go the Distance

    Go the Distance Well-known Member

    Lauren now I have looked at the other photos she does not look that bad. I think it was the photo. She is an older mare and you have posted that you have a plan for getting another younger horse in other threads so you are very realistic about what she can acheive.

    Hindsight is a great thing and she may have benefited from not having a total spell to having a much lighter workload but who knows?! Maybe keep it in mind for next summer not to completely turn her out but have her in light work to keep that back muscle tone going.

    She looks great. I can't wait to meet her in real life at a 20km WAERA ride. She is a legend for her age.
  12. Meischa

    Meischa New Member

    I agree, she doesn't need feeding up, just work to improve her topline.

    Those new photos show she's a lovely looking old girl and only the last photo shows her sway.

    She's very sweet looking.
  13. Double Helix

    Double Helix Well-known Member

    Yep I agree. She does not look skinny and the sway back is not too bad for an older horse that has had a spell.

    I don't think you need to up the protein, 4 litres of lupins a day is about 2.4kg and a 2 cups of FFS so that is plenty of protein!!! You said you also feed Canola oil, how much?

    You are actually feeding a fair bulk of food, especially with the Speedibeet which you said is 2 litres per day (is that dry?). A cup of dry speedibeet weighs 150g so 2 litres is 1.2kg and it expands quite a bit.

    Maybe you could try cutting the speedibeet a bit and try some equijewel / rice bran, but mostly work is what is going to help her.
  14. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    I feel 1 cup of canola oil once a day.

    Yep that's dry.. it's split into 2 feeds...

    Her feels fill a 20L bucket nearly so they're pretty big.

    Thanks GTD and Meischa she's a lovely natured girl.. love her so much :)
  15. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    JMO but 2 cups of FFS per day is TOO much!
    I wouldn't feed anymore than 1 cup a day.

    I don't think she's skinny neither, just an older mare, like some people - gravity hits!
    Plus those pics on the first page, she's not standing correctly enough to jusge.
    She looks better in the pics you posted today.
  16. Leti loves Elmo

    Leti loves Elmo Well-known Member

    She is gorgeous Lauren. Your not doing a bad job **)
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  17. BugEye

    BugEye Active Member

    Actually FFS is ok to be fed at rates up to 10% of the bulk feed.
  18. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Don't panic Lauren! She looks fine, just think about it, if we ate and did nothing for three months we would loose our riding muscles and also have some sagging:p

    Also put her age into perspective, some horses do not even reach that age let alone be out still competing and doing 20k endurance rides without any issues!

    She is going great! I am also a believer in spelling, I know that you then have to bring them back into work but it's more of a spell for the mind then anything. You did nothing wrong giving her a break, plus you needed it too. You have stated in another thread that she is working better then ever before.. the break did her good.

    She is not skinny.. remember body score of 3 is perfect. Stan changes shape after two weeks work of no work.

    Increase her work slowly, keep feeding her what you are (don't go and buy a 100 suppliments) and remember that gaining and building muscle takes time.

    Take a piccies of her in two weeks time and you definately see a difference.:)
  19. GoGo

    GoGo Well-known Member

    dont race out and buy all new feeds either. try find someone close that uses what you are thinking of trying and buy/borrow a bit - our horse seemed to rather starve herself than eat equi jewel and her front legs blew up like balloons on lucerne chaff. I suppose they are like us, not all of them like the same stuff.
  20. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Gave her a lunge tonight and than a little ride 90% walk, with 2 laps of trot.

    She felt so nice to ride :)

    Isn't arena sour anymore, has stopped the girthiness, eager to please.

    I got 3 lousy pictures before sisters camera died.. will get some more tomorrow morning when she's lunged.

    Here they are (bare in mind these pictures are taken on her very first lap on the circle so she's not warmed up yet or that relaxed).. was also a bit of a brain fry ride as 2 other horses were riding in the same arena as us..




    She use to never walk on the lunge (straight into a rushed trot) and she use to never ever stretch down.. she likes to look like a llama X giraffe!

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