With all the trouble I am having with horses at the moment - I'm getting into cows!!!

Discussion in 'News Items' started by needanswers, Apr 6, 2011.

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    awww thats awesome and she really loves her cow :)
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    :p Very Cute !!
  4. sasbelmis

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    I have seen a Fresian Bull sail over a four foot fence twice a day for months and he never once missed. I always thought he was the best showjumper I had seen.
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    At a campdraft, its not unheard of for the taller, lanky breeds like brahmin or freisans to take a running jump and go over the yards. One year at Northam a crazy brahmin leaped over the back gate which would have been 6 foot, Horseslave was there - we all thought we were goners *#)
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    Thats priceless! I hope her parents buy her a horse. The girl obviously has a talent for training animals.

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