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  1. MiaGG

    MiaGG New Member

    Chuck all your opinions into the rug bucket!! Talk about your best rug, your worst rug, ones you've had your eye on, ect.
    All info appreciated!
  2. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Axiom Rugs.......... love them :D

    Weatherbeeta....... wouldn't touch with a barge pole.

    Zilco............ big fan.

    Caribu................. yep big fan as well.

    Someone that I bought a woollen rug off however many years ago on evilbay who makes woollen rugs......... love them as well!
  3. CountryGurl_007

    CountryGurl_007 Well-known Member

    I love my zilco rugs my guys are all in zilco rugs my favourite rug though is my defender super fleece rug it's polar fleece on the out side and lined with fleece lining its the best I only have 3 rugs on my clipped horses now :)
  4. Evered

    Evered Well-known Member

    Rambo rugs - amazing. No winter rug quite like a Rambo - well worth the money.

    Skye Park canvases - waterproof forever **)

    Cedar Lodge cottons - she even makes the shoulders triple size for my big shouldered horse at no extra cost!
  5. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    **)**)**) And they fit really nicely- mine never rubbed, never leaked. And really not that more heavier than a synthetic either
  6. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    The rugs I have atm are a Skye Park canvas (had it a few years, rarely use it, one tiny rip that doesn't get bigger, only problem with it is that it seems to have warped so that it will end up sideways on my horse - I think it might've gone crooked when he rolled, then rained on and seemed to set. Dunno. Seems to be getting better when I use it now though) and a Yimar cotton (from evilbay). The Yimar fits my fella quite well, really solid rug too but I've had it on when it's pretty warm with no sweat so I really like it! And the edges are a nice colour - grey & navy, classy ;)

    Have heard rave reviews about Sunset rugs & Lilydale Rd ;)
  7. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    Work uses Saxon and Kozy. They are really good, last a long time an stay waterproof. The downside is they don't fit broad chested horses really well so the horses shoulders rub and sometimes they get wither sores from rubbing.

    I have a kozy (600D) which fits my boy well.

    A weatherbeeta rain sheet (1200D) (love love love this rug!) it fits probably the best of all his rugs

    A weatherbeeta winter combo (600D), it does the job but is slightly tigh around the shoulder so won't be buying it again.

    And I just bought an axiom combo (1800D) which I'm yet to try but have heard good reviews.

    I'm a bit fussy with rugs, I prefer synthetic as they are lighter and my boy seems happier in them and I prefer clip up straps (the black ones) rather than the silver clips or velcro. This is because the property is pretty sandy and the sand and mud clogs up the clips making them hard to use and velcro doesn't stick well when wet and muddy.
  8. Lucksta

    Lucksta Well-known Member

    Axiom are my favourite by far :)
    Stay waterproof forever, available in heaps of different warmth levels, have cool reflective strips so you can find your horse at night, straps vs clips on neck and chest (I find clips break quicker)... plus they come in awesome colours and are super cheap!

    I have had a few weatherbeetas as well, like them, but not worth the money when you can buy 2 axioms for the price of 1.
  9. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Minicrafts (do larger sizes), BHW, Weatherbeeta, Lilydale Road, Sunset, Shires, Rug Rack are mostly all i own.
    Love them all.

    Yimars have too long a necks for the ponies but i do prefer them over Axiom.
    Ascot rugs - no thanks!
    Rugz - no thanks!
    Saxon - only for Mini sizes, anything over 4'0 becomes a miniskirt!
    Caribu - don't mind their wool rugs but thats it.
  10. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    And those ones don't whack you in the head as hard when you throw them over the fence!! One good thing about plastic *#) :unsure:
  11. MiaGG

    MiaGG New Member

    Ok, caribu sounds but I'm now looking at zilco a and Skye parks!
    I'm not too keen on zilco s as they are so expensive!!! The online that is really in our minuscule budget is the blue mountain canvas but I have a HORRIBLE horsemaster now so that's why I'm looking at synthetics. But if someone has had a good experience with them I willing to give a cheap one a go!!
    Axioms: to cheap to be true?! They're high on my list cos they look great, have funky colours and cos they're so bloody cheap!!!
  12. maxntaz

    maxntaz Well-known Member

    Zilco's - I have the canvas rugs, love them
    Ascot - Rainsheets, been great for me, never had an issue, bought rug and neck rug rather than combo as the combos dont fit my boys chunky neck.
    Ascot - Canvas - very cheap rug, but light and I find them great for a day where you might have a couple of light showers but need something a bit heavier than a canvas. Not as waterproof as the zilco canvas tho.
    Eton - (went through dealer on FB). CRAP for their buckles. i have had to have every one of the buckles re-inforced as they just pull out. Fairly cheap rug though. I wont buy again, i have spent nearly $80 in total in having buckles fixed (on two rugs). both rugs were $75 each, so I may as well have just spent a bit more and got a better rug.. but hey you gotta try them.
    Kozy - Just trying this at the moment and so far so good.
    Weatherbeata - I have some old ones which are great, although are losing their "waterproofness" but hey, for rugs that are 10 yrs old i would expect that. I always bought the rug and neck rug rather than combos as the combos never fitted my boys chunky neck
    Yimars - not fussed, didnt last one rainfall episode so never bought another one.
    Thermomaster - only had this one in a doona rug and it was great, but smaller fitting.
    Sunset Rug - Canvas, love them, but would prefer metal buckles as my horses seem to break the plastic fittings. But they are great other than that.
    GG's - rainsheet, its about 10 years old and going strong love this rug but i dont think they are around anymore i cant find them, I hope i can still get them:)

    Um i think thats about all i have had over recent years.
  13. MiaGG

    MiaGG New Member

    Ok, I did some investigations!!
    Zilco: $125 4 600d, 200g fill combo
    Caribu: $70 4 1200d, 300g fill combo
    Rambo:wallaby $395 4 1000d, 200g removable fill combo
    Rhino: plus $310 4 ?, 200g fill combo or rug $300 4 ?, 200g, rug
    Amigo: hero 6 pony $110 4, 600d, 200g
    Skye park: Oxford deluxe with gussets $180 4, ?,?
    Sunset rugs: winter rug - wool lined $185 4 a wool lined canvas
    Lillydale road; wool lined canvas $240
    Kozy: nylon combo $110 , 600d, 200g
    Saxon: 1200d combo heavy $130, 1200d, 250g
    Weatherbeeta: original 600d pony combo med. $140, 600d, 220g
    MiniCraft: FrostBreaker rug: $120, 900d, 250g
    BHW: winter paddock combo $110, 900d, 300g
    Shires: tempest original 180 combo $101:50, 600d, 180g
    Rug rack: winter ripstop canvas combo $159, ??
    Ascot: equestrian rain sheet rug $140, 600d, 0g
    Ascot canvas: eq canvas rug unlined $70, ??
    Eton rugs: 1200d, $85
    Yimars: fleece lined horse rug combo $100, 1200d, 250g
    Apologies for huge reply!!
  14. realalvin

    realalvin New Member

    Axiom Rugs.......... just so so !

    Weatherbeeta....... wouldn't touch!

    Horseware............ expensive , big fan!

    Harrison howard................ loud colour! yep big fan as well.

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