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  1. Sim

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    Chronic ulcers will show up blood in feaces.

    Otherwise, they will take ages to eat a meal, taking a lot of breaks and drinking water in between eating. They can stand with their elbows pushed together, apparently this stance somehow reduces the pain , it can be really hard to keep condition on them and my horse was really girthy.

    These are the sypmtoms my horse presented with, but he wasn't super bad by the time I got him. So I am sure others will have many more symptoms to add.
  2. InkibahD

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    I have a 15 yo chronic wind sucker. Have had him for 9 years and the owner before him had him for 3, she tried varios collars before settling on the miricle collar. and its great. he wears it when ever he is left un attened as as soon as u pull the collar off he will wait till he thinks ur not looking and do it. He doesnt windsuck, because he always wears a collar tight and allways has, he knows theres no point. He is fat and healthy and has no teeth problems, most people are horrified to find out hes a wind sucker but as long as he has his collar on its not a problem.

    Answer= Miricle collar done up tight
    do it up watch horse if still does it go another hole and so on. Its not cruel its practical to ensure their health and condition
  3. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Another vote for the mirace collar. Only thing that has worked on the one we have.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    My boys poo's have firmed up, is more interested in his feed and much happier alround since being on a cup of whey powder a day :)
  5. EVP

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    The nature of racing is that horses are on their own usually boxed. And they are fed twice between this the horses get a build up of stomach acid because they are not grazing.
    You can "cure" ulcers or greatly increase the guts resistence to the erosion by acid.....grazing or 24/7 hay roll plus a good gut conditioner (heaps on the market) will help heal them. Research has suggested a link between a bacteria called Helicobacter and equine ulcers. You can google that.

    Windsucking is a vice just like weaving and cribbing. Its a boredom induce condition and not as a result of ulcers. Although in saying that a huge percentage of race horses have ulcers and a huge percent have behavioural issues like weaving ect.

    Horses who are chronic windsuckers will suck on anything including their own knees!! Or they will learn to windsuck on nothing...they learn they don't need an object to increase the inward motion.

    Collars of various models are great....and some are for professionals under strict supervision.

    Try UlcerGard and a good collar.......electrify everything you can....amazing how they work out that sucking on a "zappy" is so not good.....lolol
  6. Horseagilitywa

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    The chestnut is the windsucker (not to skinny at all)... i've had him for 5 years...
    He's on full-time hay roll, no grain, (as grain makes him suck heaps worse). As EVP said knees, a person standing near him, and just plan gulps in air. He also has worked away to suck his tongue. I have electric fences and a mircle collar... which he wears occasionally.

    He will crib on anything if he is being ignored as for windsucking not as often since I changed his diet and gave him slippery elm and chamomile.

    He no longer is in work due to an old racing injury so will live his life as me mate... but he cribs rather than windsucks when I ride the other horses... Even if I let him out to come with us. He wants to ridden... funny boy.
    He lives in a big paddock and in a herd. Just him its his habit.
  7. Grasshopper

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    Re the ulcers and windsucking - take teh horse off all starch related feeds. There are heaps of posts on here about how to feed re ulcers. WOuld also be worth giving a course of Gastrozol to clear up andy ulcers that are there and then you cna start fresh with the horse.

    My horse had ulcers too and occassioanlly windsucked,. Was weird as he never did while he was racing at all.

    I was recommended chamomile and rosehip for my horse who occassioanlly windsucked, and I think it worked. I also have now stuck him in a paddock and abig night yard instead of a stable and he much prefers that becasue he can eat and occupy his mind all day.

    And the Miracle COllar is the only thing that works :)

    Good luck.
  8. Jessie_13

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    Ulcers don't necessarily form, but a horse can still be uncomfortable with acid reflux and such which can lead to is usually a sign of them trying to relieve the 'burning' and some great results have been had with equine antiacids! I think it it best to look at all the circumstances surrounding the particular horse...treat for ulcers (as someone said, it is often cheaper and easier to treat without a vet) and then always look at feed, somes horses react to feed different then others and its always best to have a look at this...horses are grazing animals and to keep there gut working properly should have ad-lib access to roughage! get a hay roll! You may not stop the habit completely, as once they begin it, they usually keep it up, but you should try to make him as comfortable as possible, keep him stimulated and hopefully it will become less of a problem and you can manage from there, possibly with a collar.
  9. Cassy Horse

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    Has anyone tried, or know of someone who has tried, the windsucking collar John O'Leary sells on his Horseproblems website?
  10. SkyKimNarvy

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    Try a Barclay collar. it delivers a mild electronic pulse everytime the horse windsucks. if the horse responds to the collar the habit is broken and in time can be cured apparently.

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  11. Cassy Horse

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    Hi SkyKimnNarvy, I've seen 4 horses wear this collar and have not seen it work on any of them unfortunately! Must work though on some if it is still on the market :)
  12. RPS

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    Barclay collar doesn't work#( zapped me more handling it and putting in on the horse. On watching as well the horse was getting zapped when not trying to windsuck either. Plus they are b***** expensive.

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