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  1. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    hi everyone hope you all had a good easter break.
    We have purchased a mare that was known to be a occassional windsucker in a 100 acre paddock but now that we have put her into a 20 acre paddock with quite a few trees she is contantly sucking, besides buying her a collar any other suggestions to help stop/lessen this behaviour?? all posts appreciated.
    Cheers Shyloh:}
  2. Stattik

    Stattik Active Member

    Thats a shame. Apart from putting a collar on her 24/7, could you maybe put a round roll of hay out in her paddock so she has something to chew rather than windsuck all day?
  3. Talullah

    Talullah Well-known Member

    The collars don't always work, I had a horse that would windsuck regardless of having the collar on.

    Maybe try distracting the horse with something like a horseball or hay.
  4. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

  5. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I've got a wind sucker.
    Colar worked for a little while, roll of hay worked for a little while but nothing could break the habit. Guess its like smoking.

    She's now out on 100 acres where she hardly windsucks because she's too far from the fences most of the time and the feed is good.

    Best of luck finding a solution. If you do please let me know, this girl can't live on this 100 acres for ever.
  6. Antyk

    Antyk Well-known Member

    I have been told chamomile and rosehips as a tea mixed in with the food may help horses that windsuck, I know of a person who is currently trying it out, will find out what the outcome is so far.
  7. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Well that was my thread and the gastro-coat seemed to be working for the first few weeks along with ab lib hay but he has reverted to windsucking fairly chronically-I think hes realized that the hay isn't going anywhere so he can pop off and have his little suck and then come back and its still there lol!!
  8. doofus

    doofus Well-known Member

    My mare is exactly the same...she was never that bad but i went away for a couple of weeks holiday and have come back and she just won't get off the fence...or tree!! I have just put "sump" oil on the fences and tree and she has stopped as she obviously hates the taste of it... you can see she is still wanting a suck but she isnt hanging on so much!!!
    might be worth a try- i will definately keep an eye on this thread as i too am very interested!!!!
  9. Janet

    Janet Guest

    How is your horse’s weight? Has it dropped? Get a vet to check his teeth as chronic wind suckers tend to wear down their front teeth. If its all good then I would just ignore this habit. Far worse things he could be doing.**)
    I have a windsucker and I wouldn’t change him for the world. When I purchased him I spent months researching why they windsuck and treatments. (Many varied ideas and gadgets) His is a behavioral response triggered by the presence of humans. He maintains weight, I have his teeth done every 6 months and carefully monitored for any changes.
    He is stabled with other horses and not one of them have picked up this habit. Good luck with finding what works for you. :)
  10. Janet

    Janet Guest

    There is a little welsh pony that is a crib bitter... used to chew through his yard. We used Vics Vapor rub to paint the wood.. Stopped him chewing on it. :)
  11. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    I agree, hes a great horse and hes actually a little porky ATM-I do worry about the front teeth and if it does start to be a problem I'll put a collar on as a last resort(don't like 'em!) We had a little part welsh who windsucked and she was obese!! Its not one of my pet hates so if he needs to do it so be it although I'd rather my foal not copy him but shes nearly 8 months now and hasn't shown any inclination.........none of my others have ever picked it up either!! We have hot wire everywhere except the gates and roundyard which he discovered fairly quickly;)
  12. milo22

    milo22 Active Member

    Yes amoung others I have had a wind sucker and he was on 50 acres with food all yeah round and 8 horses and he would find anything to wind suck on(fences, trees, poles, jumps etc).. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work longer then a week.. Hay, Collar, oils and smells etc.
    One other thing you can try is attaching shoe laces to your fly veil so the dangle enough to go up her nose when she goes to suck in and they go up her nose this worked for a while until he learnt how to destroy fly veils..
    It is like a drug addiction were it realeases indorphens (sorry bout my spelling)when they suck in which feels good for the horse this is why they do it and so often so yes it is like smoking etc..
    I found that if I ever interupted my horse when he was doing it he would get angry as i was distrubing his peace out time and he caused alot of damage to fences.. its a hard thing to manage but I know people who have i guess it is how bad she is doing it.. I won't but a horse that wind sucks now coz of the drama I and others have had..
    Sorry most of this is negative.. Just keep trying different things..
  13. Big Bay Booga

    Big Bay Booga Well-known Member

    Both the Big Bay Booga and my Tb mare are windsuckers. BBB is more inclined to suck if he is stressed or hungry. He doesn't handle herd situations to well and is happiest by himself and a mob of sheep. I have noticed he is sucking a bit more but I have put it down to lack of feed in the paddock, uped his hay and he has stopped. He has a nut cracker collar on in summer and I have left in off him in winter before and he hasn't sucked.

    The mare doesn't have a collar on and both her foals haven't shown any signs of windsucking.
  14. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    Hi Janet her teeth are fine and she isn't dropping weight she just likes to suck. Seen a advert for a anti cribbing collar that gives them a small static shock when they tense their neck muscles. May give it a go. Has anyone else used this devise before?
    Cheers Shyloh:}
  15. Reg81

    Reg81 Active Member

    I didn't think the shock ones were allowed any more(if they are they same product), as it is animal cruelty. I know your not allowed to use them in racing stables.

    I've got a wind sucker who wears one of those miracle collars an he still does it but not badly, an i find if i tighten it, he tends to get sore behind the ears.

    We've got some really bad ones a work, one little filly will actually suck as trotting round on the walker.
  16. sann tann's horse wind sucks
    he has to wear a colla desichned to stop him from doing it.

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