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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by stocklady, May 31, 2006.

  1. stocklady

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    What she is doing is just chewing and puling on the wood post..yeah, its annoying, but she isnt doing it as much since she is getting fed, and always has food to munch on.. The collar just made her not eat, she didnt eat while it was on..thats a thing i dont want to happen..
    she has been on her own for a while, so i think the habit is not going to go away that quick..where i agist, they have an electric fence which will get turned on when they get it working, see how she goes when she gets a little shock off it..[:-grin-:][:-lookhappy-:]

  2. SpArTiAn

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    we hav a young riding pony colt who has picked it up from my TB gelding....Zac from what i know of has always done it, but when we bought him the people said he "just does it when hes getting tacked up" but it doesnt bother me and hes FAT as and like finitey, i wouldn't sell my boy for the world.
  3. Nae Nae

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    I have a mare that has windsucked all her life. i've had her for the past 8 years and nothing stops them except collars. I had the nut cracker ones but hated using them cause you have to have them so tight they leave (what i call saddle soars) soars. she would have one on one day than you would go and see her the next and she would have gotten it off. I have just brought a miricle collar and have had no problems with it so far. as soon as it went on (like the other collars) she stoped but with this one it didn't have to be so tight and she can't get it off.
    Horses do this becasue as they suck and gulp the air they get a rush of endorphins which is similar to what humans get when taking drugs, problem is that is addictive and horses that are bad enough will die from malnutrition. At the moment my mare has no front teath and is in poor condition. she is on a good hard feed but becasue she can't eat the smaller blades of grass she can't take in all that she needs to. Hope this is helpfull to anyone that was interested.

    "It is an endorsement of the horse's forgiving and tractable nature that he allows us to change his way of life completely and is still willing to do our bidding" Nicola Jane Swinney
  4. picasso86

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    They are not bad horses!

    you can easy make a sucking collar yourself, out of a stirrup iron and a piece of lamb skin. make sure it sits tight, if really ask your vet or farrier if it sits ok, they can usually help.
    there is nothing you can do about a horse sucking exept putting a collar on them and treat them like every other horse.

    they wont loose weight or wreck their teeth, if they cant suck. so like the others have already said, constantly hay is good, company and a collar.
    they might have ulcers so you got to check with the vet and then you can change their diet to make them better.
    I have a TB and he is a sucker, but he is the best horse on the property, he wears his collar always, except during exercise, and he looks in top condition and is like every other horse, just that he is wearing a collar

  5. Flair

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    I had a beautiful gelding who was a windsucker but would never do it with his miracle collar on so it never affected his condition. He wasn't stressed, bored or lonely, it was just a habit he'd developed at a young age and it stuck.

    If you haven't tried one of those collars, they are worth a shot.

    Good luck :)
  6. alex

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    If the collar is done up correctly and tight enough then it will stop the horse from taking in air, although they will still try.
    Another option is to install electric stand offs that are slightly higher than your fence.
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  7. ilikehorsesdou

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    Has anyone used the shock collar the advertized in horse deals, My old boss had one but it didnt seem to work but i left a couple days after he got it so i dont know what ever happen..

    Iv got a gelding that is really bad i cought him using his leg the other day to suck on iv hold a collar on but he rubs the front part till it slipps over his head all the time so now iv gone to a kids stirrup leather which seeems to have slowed him down.

    Dosnt worry me but i have foals and young horses around and i dont want them learning it....
  8. Neighlands

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    Just out of interest - I recently put my boy out in a 20 acre paddock - not a windsuck in sight ';'
    Not even doing it in secret, my job means i can watch him all day, he grazes with the others, he rests with the others, he plays with the others, he stands nose to tail for the daily fly battle.
    He has posts he can use but doesn't.
    He was really bad previously - doing it all the time - now 2 weeks on and nothing.
    I hope he forgets how to do it ;)
  9. Caroline

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    This thread is 5 yrs old! :D
  10. Lauren

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    Haha.. was wondering why I didn't recognise the OP.

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