'Willy' Training?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by CatabyWarmbloods, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Ok so, the reason for this slightly strange thread is because I just got done cleaning 2 of my many 'boys' sheath's, and was wondering how you go about either teaching, or getting a horse to relax enough to 'flop it out' so you can clean the actual willy easier and of course, get in a good position to search for the bean and clean that area.

    Now I have your typical range of boys, ranging from my 19 year old retired TB where you need life insurance, full padded body suit and to stay at his shoulder to try to clean his sheath, to my young stallion where I'll literally sit on a bucket right at his flank and go to town and he won't move a muscle. I think he would hang it out, but he's being taught not to hang it out while I'm around him as a sign of respect and control with him being a stallion, so that's probably hard... but I'm not too concerned with him as I often can catch him with it out in his stable/yard and clean him.

    The only problem is, getting them to hang it out. I've only got one horse who does that, and I have to be honest - I'm actually concerned about my mental welfare with him when I clean his sheath... he enjoys it a little... too much (let's not go there...)

    *coughs* anyway... any suggestions? I imagine the girls from Clean as a Whistle will have some expirenced tips?
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    Ohhh, i'm interested too!

    Rahnald will happily hang his out when it gets hot, so I leap at the chance to clean it whilst he's already hanging, but Rocky lets it out, wees, puts it in. And doesn't like me trying either. The old git. I can't take him to the vet to do it, as he won't float that far. I guess I could get the vet to come here and do it, but it would be easier if I could keep on top of it and manage it myself..
  3. pso

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    I just do them twice a year when the dentist sedates them...
  4. Leti loves Elmo

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    I clean all my boys while I am hosing them after work. I never need for them to wack it out, I find not many will so i get my bare hand up there with the hose and just pick everything out. Its not going to be as thorough as if they put it out but whenever sedated is the only time they get a good willy wash.

    I know some ott horses are bad around this area because as yearlings before they were gelded or older colts and stallions they are discouraged to have them out and sometimes get a whack on there willies. Its not nice but they learn very quickly lol
  5. It depends on the horse, as to what method works best but what I usually do is a little training with each horse I clean.

    I start by the shoulder and reach so they can't boot me if they're going to. I prefer to have somebody holding them, next to a safe fenceline if possible to cut down the amount of escape routes.

    I use the approach-retreat method on them, only coming away when they're standing still and tolerating it, and gradually building up the time I expect them to deal. The rule is the person holding them needs to ask them to stand up in a firm voice then when they stand and allow me to do a little, as soon as I come away (retreat) to give them a little break they give them a rub on the forehead and a small treat like a pellet or portion of carrot.

    Some horses you'll never get them over it but they will learn to tolerate it to an extent. I do my best to make it as pleasant as possible by frequent small breaks, massaging their favourite spots and ensuring that I dampen the flakes of smegma on their willies right down before pulling them off so they don't pull at the delicate skin.

    Some horses learn to enjoy it, and I have one at home that twists himself round and practically lifts a leg for better access so I can clean him out as he must get soooooo itchy in there its a huge relief for him to get the whole area clean and scratched for him!
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    Experiment with finding good itchy spots, the ones that cause funny faces, and see if they create any droppage "down there." Especially try for spots on the belly and around hindquarters. Try a little massage, scratch the withers. You know, get a bit romantic *#)
    Desensitise your boys as much as possible to be handled in the masculine region. It's hard if they only get touched there when they're getting a clean, so whenever you groom, brush the belly and over the sheath, fiddle around down there, make it not a shock or a big ordeal. Retreat if they get anxious, reward if they're good, keep doing it regularly.
    And don't forget, they don't need to drop it out for a clean - you can go right up in there. The shy boys will hide their willies as high out of reach as possible, but it is do-able! Just remember to wear gloves...
  7. CatabyWarmbloods

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    Thanks for the tips ladies! My lot don't get sedated for their teeth so that isn't an option for me personally. Mine are well handled in that area normally, just got the old boy that always protests when it's cleaning day. I'm glad to hear you can clean them without the need for it to be out, I did wonder that as you normally get pretty deep up there, was just more cleaning the area where they get that bean buildup.

    LOL yeah I did try and get 'romantic' with my stallion yesterday with his favorite dock scratch which I know is usually the money winner to get him to drop but nope.

    (hahaha off topic but iPhone changes 'dock' into that with an I LOL) wow, love technology.

    Thank you again guys.

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