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  1. finitey

    finitey Well-known Member

    I agree with some of what you have said smash.

    The TB as a breed is usually associated with words like hot, bad feet, weight-problems, windsucking/weaving/crib-biting. The breed does cope alot and I agree that for most TB's the reason they have these problems is the fact that most race. As babies they are put under extreme stessful conditions, fed up on hot feed, stabled in small confines and taught only to break and run. Not surprising they have so many problems

    Evidence of this is as simple as looking at a unraced TB. These rare gems generally have none of these seemingly "TB-associated" traits.

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  2. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    LOL finitety,
    so what dont you agree with LOL
    as you said most, LOL
    will i need to put my depends (old girls nappies) on for the answer. LOL
    or do i stand guard with my cooking pot LOL
    cheers LOL
  3. DD

    DD Guest

    Actually you will find just as many unraced TB's that are hot, bad feet and hard keepers. Those three are breed related! Not to say ALL TB's have them, but a larger proportion than a general cross section of the horse population.

    The other three, well they tend to be man made! .....and it just happens that TB's are the breed that is most often exposed to the conditions that create those problems!

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  4. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    un raced or not they are still raised in the same inviroment, so if all breeds were raised in the same inviroment i WONDER what will become breed related traits and people made traits ?
  5. finitey

    finitey Well-known Member

    LOL I thought I wrote I agree with what you've said

    Hmmmm would like to say blond moment but I dyed my hair dark lastnight, perhaps I can blame the colouring agents

    ....Light travels faster then sound, thats why some people may appear bright until you hear them speak....
  6. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    ahhhhh finitety
    i knew my cooking pot would scare ya LOL
    well i am grey,
    going blonde tonight LOL
    so i quite understand the dilemma LOL
  7. DD

    DD Guest

    Nope! Not all raised in the same enviroment! Remember many TB's are performance bred or bred by boutique breeders, who breed,train and race their own. When they are not being pushed for the yearling sales and 2 yo racing the enviroment is a lot different..............but the bad feet, hot temprement and "need for feed" still show up! They are genetic.

    Remember, TB's have been selectively bred for a couple of hundred years to run fast, over short distances, for a limited racing lifetime. That selection has been for fast metabolisms (hard keepers), drive to win, which with the high metabolic rates equates to "hot" and long term soundness has been neglected, hence the flat feet and some shocking conformation faults that would be selected out in any breeding program based on anything other than the almighty dollar that comes from that short succesfull racing career, followed by a stud career that doesn't require anything more than breeding soundness.

    That limited range of selection criteria has led to all sorts of other problems including breeding issues. Mares that would never carry a foal to term or raise it successfully are artificially assisted and nurse mares used, meaning more offspring carry traits that nature would eliminate. While every other breed strives to improve(or allegedly tries) The TB only strives to go faster and make more $, to the detriment of the breed.

    The TB industry is not about horses, it's about $$$$$$$$$$$$
    We have worked in the heart of Australias TB industry, with some of the biggest players, managing studs ect and honestly the commercial side of the industry left me very disalusioned. A return to the small side of the industry was needed to reasure my faith that SOME people are actually in it for the horses!

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  8. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    mmmmmm so DD would you gree with me that all those faults like bad feet, hot temperment and the need to feed would happen in any breed if it had to endure the same inviroment the T/B has had (and i am talking over say 100yrs).
    i recon any breed would have the same problems myself !!
  9. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    DD post was so long that my post wanted to go on twice
    he he he
  10. DD

    DD Guest

    ..........only if they bred for one trait (go fast) and ignored all others like they have in the TB.

    Look at the Standard bred, Bred to go fast, but manage to keep good feet(from carrige horse background), a more balanced temprement in most cases(again they were workers, not toys) and no where near the soundness issues (they race for a MUCH longer career) They are proof that common sence doesn't have to be sacrificed for speed. If more TB breeders look at horses and not dollar signs then the breed could eliminate the hoof issue quickly. The heat and feed issues? Well they can only get worse! But face it, they are bred to race and throw away, not for secondary careers as pleasure horses, that cannot be a selection criteria when breeding for the track!

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  11. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    soooooo by reading you last post you are really trying to say
    as i have not mentioned any other breeds history ONLY T/Bs
    god i love it when you try to scoot around agreeing with something.
    ps obviously a cop thing ha ha ha
  12. DD

    DD Guest

    NO I'm not agreeing, what I'm saying is you would have to go out of your way to create the same problems in any other breed!!!!!!!!

    Shut up and ride!
  13. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    why you damn spoil sport LOL
    they would have the same problems as T/B because thats what they would be expected to do RACE FOR $$$$$$$$$
    *am now going to have to block my ears*
    ok DD lets see what you have got
    ps it would of been easier for you to say "smash you are right"
    ha ha ha
  14. Kasia

    Kasia Well-known Member

    I am NOT saying anyone's horse needs a vet. I was not relating the statement to anybody. It was a general statement, i was agreeing with DD, who mentioned it first.

    DD - once again i must agree with you. I am quoting Burkes Backyard when i say 90% of all racehorse, as they did a segment on windsucking and stable problems, and that figure was mentioned.

    Ah, now i know why my boy is more stiff to the right on the lunge. Ulcer! Thanks DD :p
  15. Hunnie Bum

    Hunnie Bum Well-known Member

    What are we talking about again, you guys are talking about different breeds, the point was, why do they wind gape?

    ~-Horses are my Life-~

    I love you Snoopy, R.I.P mate!

  16. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    ha ha ha
    sorry hunnie bum
    just trying to get grumpy bum to agree with me LOL
    its just not going to happen LOL
    *sigh and rolling my eyes*
    the answer to your question why do horses windsuck is
    it doesnt affect the horse unless the horse is skinny (but that is because it will have something like an ulcer)
    it is just annoying to watch
    hope this helps LOL
  17. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    My daughter is studying equine and her assignment she is doing at the moment is on wind sucking everything she as checked on so far relates to poor diet as the cause then it becomes a habit just like smoking once you start its hard to stop.
    Don't just knock the TB for bad feet and conformation I have seen it in Quarter Horses and the Arabs and other selected breeds were people only thing of performance & breeding back along the lines
    Anyway just my 2 bobs worth
  18. DD

    DD Guest

    The thing is, with TB's the problems are MUCH more common! You get duds in every breed but in the TB the problems get ignored as long as the horse can run fast of has a relative who did/does! lol

    The only other breed that ignores glaring conformation faults (and even it's own breed standard!) is the Halter QH!!!

    (OK lets watch certain folks come screaming out of lurkdom with bared teeth! lol)

    Shut up and ride!
  19. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    its ok DD i have taken my teeth out tonight LOL
    but i do have a couple of spare cooking pots for any Q/H lovers LOL
    oh this is going to be fun watching DD trying to fend off everyone with a Q/H LOL
    ha ha ha
    he he he
  20. Eicyng

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    But Rose,
    If you want to win a big fat shiney ribbon & get your picture in a magazine thats what you have to buy to win....lol
    If it has a huge bum & pencil neck that is good , But it must have "neat' tiny feet & have no angle in the hind end... That makes a winner!
    Then you breed it to others of a similar syle & you have a line of champions...hahahaha
    Doesnt matter if they cant be ridden... Because they are champions ... They have nothing to prove!

    Im saying this tounge in cheek ...
    Because theres alot of bloody arabs that are going a similar way:)

    [purple]Cheers Eicyng[/purple]

    "My treasures do not clink together or glitter; They gleam in the sun and neigh in the night."
    -Arabian Proverb

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