Why own a horse that is difficult to ride?

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by EVP, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    As I explained earlier all my horses had red x's on their butts ;). Two apparently would not float and it was funny watching the old owners faces as both horses walked straight up and onto the float....in fact one ran on! The rule is, take what the owners say with a pinch of salt and work with the the horse and put it under a bit of pressure and it will tell you it's problems! Even if it has negative reactions if you got back to the fundamentals of it's training you remove the cause and the symptoms disappear.

    A round yard can cure a lot of horses with red x's on their butts ;)
  2. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    And thank god for lots of different and interesting perceptions and attitudes on the matter!

    You should always respect the ones that argue with you the most as they are they ones that allow you to think and discuss your beliefs the most!

    EVP and I have debated on here for years on various topics and it has been good fun :). We have yet been able to convince each other of any of our conflicting beliefs but we have had fun trying!
  3. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I think you answered that really well.
    I might not understand it, ';' but I'm sure some of the horses you are referring to have grabbed those titles gleefully.:))) The other ones probably don't care too much at all. :)) I'd consider those the horses who live a dream life, and the others are the horses who live in dreamland? ';'

    Happily, I'll just take "dull". ;)

    Yes with mucho respect on my part. I've never seen RR in the gutter. And I'd not expect to either.
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  4. goog

    goog Well-known Member

    You nailed it RR, so many horses are labled problem or issues horses when they aren't necessarily and other are labled good purely because the owner doesn't apply pressure and the horse gets away with keeping the human in their box!
  5. janm3680

    janm3680 New Member

    Samguard, I'm right there with you.. My story is much the same. I have a very smart, agile and deep thinking mare who has stretched my horse skills in ways I never dreamed of previously and there is no denying it has been a long and often soul searching road. She will be my last mount because I'm in my late 60's and although she has had a troubled past that has coloured her view of humans we now have an understanding and build on that daily. I take extreme joy in showing her how clever she is and also in showing her that some humans are worth knowing. This little mare has taught me so much and I her.. It seems a lot of people make assumptions about other peoples relationships with their equines without knowing the whole story and really should accept that unless you walk a mile in another's shoes your opinions mean very little.. More power to the person who learns and grows through perseverance and patience. Everyone needs to understand that what looks like a waste of time and money to some isn't necessarily the case and even the mildest of horses can become dangerous given the right circumstances so if you're worried about injuries from riding don't ride. Full stop. Anyway that's my 10c worth. ;)
  6. old_mate

    old_mate Well-known Member

    There need to be people who will take on "dangerous" and hard to ride horses.
    Most of the time the trouble was caused by people, so it is good that there are some willing to try to reverse the damage.
    I got told that my first horse would not float, I was surprised because I had not really had any trouble loading her up.
    Also rode a friends horse on a trail ride. Horse was bouncing around on his toes and very snorty. Did not want to go forward a few times at first but by the end of the ride was great. I put the trouble down to me and my riding and being new to the horse.
    I then found out that the horse was never ridden out of the paddock or round yard because he would not go passed the gate. When my friend's nine year old daughter asked me to take her trail riding I just agreed. Cause I did not think that you could have a horse next to such wonderful trails and not ride on them.

    All I do claim is that I like horses and I love riding so that's what I try to do.
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  7. sambo

    sambo Well-known Member

    Everything to do with horses is a major learning curve.

    As a youngster i had been given green horses and had little support and or lessons. So i battled on as best i could and thank goodnesss had horses who had their heads on straight.

    I gave up for a lot of years and had my babies blah blah. So when i had the itch again to ride, on the top of my list was, educated, quiet gelding. Because been a busy Mum of 3 i knew i would not have the time to ride everyday. Once or twice a week was the max.

    What made me think that instead of getting a free or cheap OTT (which i would have had easy access too) i painstakingly searched for the right one. Maybe if i had not been given green horses in my younger days maybe i would have thought differently.';'

    Do a full circle and i am still making mistakes and learning as i put my kids through pony club. If i was rich, i would have ponies of all different sorts and abilities to suit each child. But i don't, so we do the best we can with what we have got and provide lessons =)
  8. manocaaron

    manocaaron Well-known Member

    30 years ago (give or take) my parents bought me a beautiful Arab gelding who over the course of the following year earned himself the reputation as a delinquint, and a dangerous horse. he broke my mothers back and was in fact a very difficult boy to deal with as he had SO many issues, all were caused by people who couldnt work with him and worked against him- he was a very smart boy so when they put the pressure on him, he stood his ground and gave it right back. He was nearly pts at one point before I got him. My instructor, at the time, advised my parents I should sell him as he was far to much horse for me (I was quite young) My mum figured he wouldnt get a very good home if we sold him with all his problems and we all felt he had something there that was worth working with and for.
    I ended up owning him for 26 years and he became my best friend and quite literaly the best horse Ive ever had the pleasure to own. I think the bond we shared was so much better because of the difficulties and sheer amount of work I did to create that bond. I will be forever thankfull that my parents didnt sell him on, even when they were accused of being irresponsible for keeping him. My mum and I sat with him and cried our hearts out a few years ago when we had to put him to sleep at the age of 30. He is the horse in my avatar and was named Manoc Aaron. everything I do with horses today is because of him and in his memory, I only hope that I can re-create that bond again one day with another of my horses, I love them all but none are quite the same as he was.
    'Dangerous' horses are worth the effort in the long run, but some people may not be cut out for it- for them maybe the best solution is to sell them on, honestly, and ensure the buyer is someone who can put the neccesary time and effort into them to bring out thier best.
  9. PandoraStables

    PandoraStables New Member

    I just thought i'd add this video to this thread - I personally wouldn't get anything dangerous, but perhaps something a bit difficult.

    There are so many people I have heard about that have had incredibly hard to ride dangerous horses, and they have turned their misbehaviour into positive energy.

    Just watch this video!


    approximately 2-3 years later, the same horse winning 4th overall at HOYS in England

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  10. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    As the OP I'd like to thanks those who contributed and ask if at all possible could the thread be PTS......;) However valid a topic, its a shame that even after warnings AND an appearance by admin that mods STILL have to come in and clean up posts. :))
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