Why do people hate Parelli?

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Tam, Sep 15, 2003.

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  1. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    I agree OGM but like you said it is much the same with dressage videos- they aren't going to teach you all you need to know. I think the problem with the parelli videos is that they are put forward as being simple and easy and DIY, when no new method is really like that. If someone says to you this horse is parelli trained it is the same as someone saying this horse is dressage trained. A horse that is truly Parelli trained or truly dressage trained will be a pleasure to work with no matter what. In reality people slap labels on 'how there horse is trained' to make it sound better and then it is that system that takes a battering when the horse turns out to be a dud or difficult.
  2. The Old Grey Mare

    The Old Grey Mare Active Member

    i look at most horse training done on a video with a grain of salt.

    say i bought a video on woodworking, by a master craftsman, betcha he makes it look easy, betcha my spice rack looks like a pile of broken down junk LOL

    if you are experienced, a video can help get things sorted out for you in your mind, before you try it out with the horse. but if you are inexperienced, then watch a video, you may only be putting yourself & maybe the horse in danger .

    i don't have Parelli, Monty Roberts or any of the "packaged" videos. i respect that these people are knowledgeable & loads of experience. i would prefer to get my training from a live person who can answer my queries face to face, i don't have to pop out to Kmart to buy another video to get the answer to my question.

    now as i dismount from my soapbox, i would like to say that if a method appeals to you or works for you & your horse, then it must be a great method. doesn't matter what anyone else says, you know your horse the best.

    some days i find my preferred method involves copious amounts of swearing LOL.
  3. leeb

    leeb New Member

    To the old grey mare
    Thanks for the laughs, I agree with what you said.
    from the second grey mare.
  4. shaylee

    shaylee Well-known Member

    both my friends and myself have broken in our babies using the 7 games methods and have found it marvelous..it doesn't happen straight away as people think it should it takes time like everything,people who say it doesn't work obviously haven't been dedicated to it and given up after a short time..my friends horses are now 6 yrs old and are still doing the 7 games work with them as it never gets boring for either them or there horses both horses free lunge around them in open spaces (no ropes ect ) in my case i had a pony that hated small spaces and would always rear up by using this method i was able to get him out of it ..it is only natural horsemanship or as i always say common sence"parelli"is only the mans name..if you have a natural bond with your horse or pony you can achieve miracles but too many people these days beleive the only way to work a horse is get on its back and ride it,they don'tthink about putting a head collar on and just going for a leasurely walk with them as it is too much work for the person.i have been too so many shows where people have had trouble loading there horses and other people have been there with ropes ect forcing them on then one day a lady offered to try it her way "parelli" only to have another person laugh and say how do you expect to get this horse on when we can't get in on with ropes..five minutes later with no stress or agro from the horse it was on the float standing quietly with no one holding it ,no tail gaurd on,only for the the lady who had her jaw on the ground and a apology in hand to the lady.she said she had never seen it done like that before and in future would keep a open mind..it doesn't appeal to lots of people but if that is you then i think you should just except what other people do and not bag it as one day you may have to eat your words if you get in trouble and may have to give it a try...
  5. potato

    potato New Member

    I know that alot of adults dont like parelli because they think that theyre kids will try the advances skills without doing the begginnings of it first, and this could be dangerous and result in them being hurt in some way. I think that all of the ground work that parelli does really helps to gain respect from ur horse however im a bit unsure about the ridden work. Its okay if u just want a pleasure hack but it can be really confusing for horses which one day are asked to go around on a loose rein (the rider being a 'passenger') and then the next day being taken out to competition and asked to work for their owners.
  6. Olivia

    Olivia New Member

    Yard Rules

    Hi my name is Olivia i live in Spain and run a small yard consisting of, 2 livery, 4 riding school horses & 4 rescue horses. Ive been reading this post and found it a pretty interesting discussion, but at the moment i am having some problems which consists on a Parelli take over on my stable yard and would like some opinions and advice from other poeple. One of my livery ladies is into parreli in a big way & has been for 3yrs. she had not much experience with horses when she first came to my yard, So she was always asking for help. Over the last 7 months she has got two other Parrelli Lovers. These other two use my horses one for free (long story why its free)and the other one pays 150€ a month for 3 days a week (if you only use the horse for 11/2 hours each time this works out less then 10.00€ a day, but some days she would use him for 3-4 hours.) this girl used to ride ride western 3 days a week with my daughter because Tirma is a good pole bender and reiner. But she has not ridden him since she been parrelied. her excuse was there was always something wrong with the saddle so i offered her a different saddle but that wasnt good enough. So for the last 6 months she just played the 7 games & he has put on 20kg & lost all muscle tone. so i decided to speak with them because was i not happy with this and a few other things. i asked them if you wouldnt mind, could you put some psychical work into your program because my horses are getting fat and this is not healthy,, if your not sure, i will help you all, they said "i want to do it my way" the girl that loans Tirma said my parrelli saddle and bridle will be here in two months i will ride him then. i said i have never given you permission to use your own tack but she replied its parreli so i can. this comment got my back up. then i told them they had to work in safe areas¨only (round pen, play paddock, etc) no more games around the yard in open areas ,due to horses going right brain, as they call it, and running madly around the yard. so far the only damage is a broken fence and post, and one of rescue horses hurt his fetlock. I also said no more than 1 hour on stimulating the horses minds please. This is when i got all the abuse i am cruel and a parrelli hater and many more. I tried to explain as the owner i have to think about safety around the yard with children being around here. have i been too hard? what rules do your stables have?
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  7. El_equine

    El_equine Well-known Member

    I haven't read all the comments in this post yet, but I have the parelli 7 games booklets.

    I read through them, then I put them away for a bit & then I go about things so that both the horse & I are happy. The way I see it is very much like what Sil has said previously, common sense. If I need a horse/pony to move then it needs to move when I give the cue.
    I look for all different types of training, I pick through them, then decide what I will try, then if it works with good results then it is all good.
    I don't do the brand name thing I just go for what works.
    I have nothing against any particular method, or a particular person.

    Great discussion by the way, what I have read has been very informative & interesting :))
  8. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    WOW your horse, your stables=your rules!! End of story!! They shouldn't be doing liberty in the open if their horses still go "right brain" anyway! Welcome to stockies:
  9. Mocha

    Mocha Well-known Member

    Helloooo 7 year old thread :p

    Welcome to stockies, Olivia.
  10. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    wow, olivia, that is RUDE.

    this may well be VERY offensive and i apologise to anyone in advance, but i compare new parelli converts (the ones like you've explained) to born again christians - lovely people, great at heart, only the horses best interests at heart... BUT caught up in the FERVOUR/FEVER of it all and very very very one-eyed. so concerned with teaching/witnessing/testifying to the greatness of parelli they just are blind to a) other ways and b) the rules of communication between people.
    give them a few years & it'll ease back. BUT it's a pain in the butt if you don't have a few years to spare.
  11. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    hahaha, i didn't even notice that. i thought it was from one of the threads banging around in early december. haha.

    o well, it's still as pertinent, obviously.
  12. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    Olivia's story is what irks me about some Parelli followers (the slavishly devoted ones). They get paralysis by analysis and spend so much time analysing their horse's every move and thought that they forget to get on and actually ride.

    I feel for you, Olivia, I really do. I'm sure you don't want to be heavy-handed with this person but if you want your horse ridden and managed in a way that suits your needs, then you might have to be firm and say, sorry the horse is no longer available to you. As Pockets said above, your horse = your rules.

    Welcome to Stockies, by the way. I love Spain. :)
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  13. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Yep I can only echo what Lin said, and Welcome Olivia.
  14. ASH lover

    ASH lover Well-known Member

    Welcome Olivia,
    As pockets said - your horse, your yard, YOUR RULES... Lin has also made great points too.

    I think this demonstrates probably the worst of Parelli, these fanatical people give the more moderate of followers a bad name... ;)

    Also the assumption that those of us that do not follow Parelli are cruel, closed minded and unenlightened is so far away from the truth that is is no longer funny...
  15. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member

    Havent read all the posts, but agree with most people.

    From what I have read, researched, and heard from people that practice Parelli is, that is pretty common sense horses handling made human friendly. Then throw in a few little tricks to make it look fancy.

    The seven games from what I gathered is very basic horse handling. For example, the 'Porcupine Game' is just a ground work exercise to teach a horse to move off pressure. Why would we pay hundreds of dollars to buy the DVD?

    The 'Carrot Stick' is an orange dressage whip. A bit of poly pipe would hold the exact same purpose. I nearly died from laughter when I was first introduced to this amazing piece of technology!!!!

    Then there is the funky little things that some people such as Pat Parelli makes to look very easy. We are supposed to spend a heap of money on books and dvds and special ropes. Which in the end most novice handlers just create more problems for themselves.

    But I think it is more the attitude of some of the die hard followers that annoys most people. - And I say some followers, not all of them.
  16. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    So funny- i only returned to stockyard a few weeks ago after 5 years off and then one of my old threads is pulled up!

    On topic- my current instructor dislikes parelli as she has had a few bad experiences with the 'converts' and created issues with their horses.

    I now think that what Siren said is spot on
  17. Western Fan

    Western Fan New Member

    such a relevant topic still after 7 years

    not a fan of any type of method
    I use the try it & see if it works method

    so far, all good, horse & owner/rider/bill payer getting along well !
  18. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I don't think people HATE Parelli....thats a strong word.....but think Xmas and Easter and all the hype. Over commercialism sometimes begins to over-ride the message. Its designed to draw you in, spend money you might not have to sapre, and the glitz can bamboozle you.

    If you're into it.....well sometimes I'm asking what makes people drawn to such things like a magnet. What are they looking for? Because horsemanship is common sense - and you can get that by mixing with the right people, watching and learning and visiting respected trainers. You really don't need to be entrenched to be enlightened.....well most people anyway.
  19. F's rav dancer

    F's rav dancer New Member

    Wow what a thread... I have read all the comments and now will add my two cents worth...

    I currently have two (and a half) horses trained using some of the "natural" or "Parelli" methods... and have trained numerous other horses the same way.....

    My mare was 4 when I broke her in (she is now 17) and from the time she was educated a 5 year old could sit on her all tacked up in the middle of any size paddock and walk around me in a 20m circle (this is all with no physical connection to myself.) then I can get on her and do piaffe/passage, canter on the spot and really hype her up, no worries...

    My FW gelding (basil)who i trained the same way is so quiet that at the age of 2 prior to being gelded... my 8 yr old daughter could lead him through the paddocks past the mares any where she pleased.. Up until Nov 08 he was a breed show horse and was able to be handled by ANYONE.. he is now a successfull dressage horse and will be moving up to elementary this year.

    I think the first thing to remember when training any horse is "if in doubt obtain professional help" this is what I did with my first horse as I was a green rider/trainer with a green horse.. probably not the best mix but it worked for me.. With Basil I was in Kojonup and had to do most things myself however when I moved to Perth I contacted my original Instructor and had an assessment prior to concluding is education.

    I am now starting my THIRD baby (hence the 1/2 a horse) she is 2 and up to the long reining part ( not my favourite bit !!)

    Both my adult horses can be ridden bareback and in a halter... however I do not believe this to be a "natural" method just a nice change from riding with a saddle and bridle...

    I think alot of people confuse "natural/parelli" with Western riding... whilst that may be true, I use it more for Ground manners as a horse without good ground manners is a pain in the @$%.. for example.. I can ask basil to stand still, back up, turn on haunches and turn on fore hand all from differing hand signels, he also changes sides when leading where neccessary...at a show if i ask him to stand still, he will not creep forward into my space.. this is a must as one of my pet hates is Pushy Horses !!..

    I will however say again... if in doubt seek professional help.. whilst videos,dvd's, books etc can provide some help, they are not the be all and end all and eyes on the ground are the best help anyone can have regardless of ground work or ridden work...

    Ok off my soap box now ....
  20. Olivia

    Olivia New Member

    Thanx for the welcome

    hiya folks thanx for the welcome really appreciate all of your opinions.
    F's rav dancer:-thanx very much for your opinion but all 3 of these girls are green (know nothing) videos and books are good if you have a good background technique in all skills and even a good rider learning something new needs a good eye from the ground.
    my daughters horse ozzy can be rode western, English with saddle, bareback, bridleless and when she joins the parelli gang for a play day its my daughters horse that performs every game every trick apart from stepping on a tarp its the only one thing she hasn't been able to do yet. At the last hoe down (big cowboy party) a demo was held with one of these ladies and my daughter in the art of this PNH my daughters horse was the one that did the demo without any difficulty the parellied horse barged the owner a few times and wouldn't perform most of the games without being given a treat. My daughter did the last demo of the evening which she dedicated to me & she rode her horse horse bare back and bridleless in all gaits. this might not sound very amazing but 10 months earlier my daughter (age 17) was having a mega relationship issue with ozzy (bucking, rearing, stressing) so i told my daughter 10 months ago to go back to basics and get the relationship back that was lost between her and her horse which ended in a emotional display of harmony between horse and rider. although the parelli gang were more than happy with my daughters routine at the time, they now say it was tarnished because she didnt take her spurs off.
    please dont think i am in anyway anti parelli, i think alot of what he does works & he has some amazing results with his own horses, its just that when people take it to the extreme & think its the only way, it really gets my back up. Especially when they have no experience in training & little knowledge of riding & dont know what other methods are out there.
    thanx alot olivia
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